Remember the Lincoln Blackwood? Do you jones over the  Mark LT? Well, somebody grooves on the idea of a Lincoln that not only has pick up, but is one. Claimed by the owner to have been constructed over a three year span, this fancy pants ranchero puts the trunk to bed while still keeping the iconic faux tire hump in the back. Unlike the other Mark VIII-based ranchero that was on eBay a couple of years back, this car possesses a level of workmanship that’s extremely professional. The builder even kept the Lincoln’s side glass, wrapping what looks like an El Camino rear window around the inside of them. Going the extra mile, he’s even had a “Markaro” badge made and affixed to the custom tailgate. As the Mark VIII came with air suspension, you wouldn’t have to hire a full-time load master to keep stuff in balance back there. No hitch means you won’t be trailering your horse to the polo match in it, but you can still pop a plethora of pony-pack flowers in there, should you be of a mind. While the Blackwood and LT never seemed to find favor, perhaps if Lincoln had the forethought to fill the gap left by the end of production of both the Ranchero and El Camino, and built something like this, they’d still be making trucks today. I can think of at least one guy who’d probably buy one. Via:

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