March 14th: Steak and Chevy LUV Day

Chevy is in LUV again
It’s been a month since Valentines Day and it’s our day, men. Time for our ladies and our vehicles to pay us back for all that we did for them on February 14th. What best personifies this fun day for us… why that would be the Chevy LUV of course!


A little Brazillian LUV

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The Chevy LUV a willing partner that is close to the ground and always waiting for you. She may not be as powerful as those “Manly Trucks” but has the lead, and knows how to swing it , where it matters. Always ready and waiting for you, practically kneeling over and begging to be driven.

Check out that rear end


Based on the Isuzu Faster, which is fitting, the Chevrolet LUV lasted ten years in production from 1972 until 1982.  When it was finally ousted by the S-10 as the newer better looking truck. Isn’t this always what happens?

Proof that size doesn't matter


The Chevy LUV was the right truck for it’s day but that time lasted a short time. It’s name was the product of the malaise and “Love: American Style” period but seems silly in hindsight. So spend some time at your favorite steak house with your significant other remembering Chevrolet’s first small truck attempt… for better or for worse.

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