Mad Max is on the Move

  Quick quiz – what’s the greatest post apocalyptic car chase and fetish clothing movie? Nope, not Driving Miss Daisy, but you were close. The Road Warrior took the eponymous character Mad Max from the first film and deposited him in an Aussie wasteland for where, aside from an abundance of leather chaps, resources are scarce and even dingos had to go without babies to eat. Following George Miller’s ode to mayhem was the truly weird Thunderdome flick which had far too few cars, and way too much Mel Gibson acting. The good news is that there will be a new chapter in the Mad Max saga, the better news is that Tom Hardy (yumm-o!) will be filling in as the lead, Gibson apparently being too old and  batshitcrazypants. Mad Max: Fury Road was planned to shoot in the Australian outback which, Paul Hogan’s promotion be damned, already looks like the shit’s gone down. Unfortunately for Miller and his crew, unseasonable rainfall has left the locale awash not in end of the world detritus but wild flowers and whatever sort of unbearably cute fauna they have over there. That means the shoot has had to go on the road, and has ended up in South Africa, where, at Port Kembla, a few of the movie’s REAL stars war caught undisguised. The movie trucks, from what we can see, look as Frankensteinian as anything from the past flicks, although they do all have a common color scheme that makes it seem that someone has turned up a drum of flat black and is making good money as the post apocalyptic Earl Scheib. There’s no clue as to who is driving what, but rumor has it that there will be an iconic Interceptor on hand. Principle filming is supposed to commence in April, which means you can probably expect Fury Road to hit the cineplexes sometime in 2013.  

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