LT1-Powered Ferrari 250 – What's Your Take?

1963 Ferrari 250GTE for sale A few days ago on the ever-awesome Bring A Trailer, they covered the sale of a Ferrari 250GTE (that’s a relatively unloved 2+2 iteration of the 250 model) for a “mere” $38,000. The catch? Gone is the 3.0L v12 and manual transmission, replaced by an LT-1 and 700R4 slushbox. 1963 Ferrari 250GTE for sale On one hand we loves us some crazy engine swaps. On the other, we loves us some V12s. We like the idea of horrifying Ferrari purists, but…really?700R4? That said, the LT-1 powered example would almost certainly run circles around a pristine ’63. Maybe view it as a project car, one in dire need of some better looking vintage speed goodies and a proper transmission… 1963 Ferrari 250GTE for sale What say you?

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