Looking for a Quality Used Crown Vic P71? QualityCopCars.com is Your Place

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I was helping out a friend browse for a roomy, safe car on the cheap; meaning I was cruising craigslist for P71s. This led to a listing from qualitycopcars.com, basically warning as to the dangers of going really cheap with one’s selection. The dude running the outfit sifts through the assorted surplus sales and picks the ones that won’t puke out an AOD 4R70W (thanks, Scott) in the next 40k miles. He deals only in the high-end CHP cars with the better brake and suspension setup. He cleans them up, paints them, hangs on to them for a little while, then sells them for a couple grand more than the typical $1500-2500 range. Is the extra peace of mind worth it? We don’t know, we’re still busy getting over our jealousy. Did we miss the “shops for cool cars” line at career day? A visit to Qualitycopcars.com, and you can be sure the extra cash certainly isn’t going into the web site.

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