Long Shots: The Green Street Rod Edition

So the other morning this olelongrooffan was doing my usual sausage burrito drive thru at my local beachside Mickey D’s and I spotted this green beauty. Nice to see this as a weekday daily driver at 8:30 am.

I am certain one (or all of you) of my fellow Hoons can identify the engine and what it is powering. I just know that it sure is pretty and unusual unless it is a Turkey Rod Run weekend. It certainly isn’t as garish as the one this olelongrooffan spotted a few weeks ago at that huge car show. Certainly more refined and driveable.

I love the big headlights and small front tires. Incidentally, I have a mesh radiator screen, similar to the one installed, hanging on the wall of my Taj Mahal. My mom gave it to me after it didn’t sell at the huge ass garage sale she had after TheGentlemanFarmer passed along.  It still has the fifteen dollar price tag in Mom’s handwriting is still attached.

And that Jeep just to the left of this rod is one of the much hated parking enforcement officers right hand drive version.

Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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