Long Shots: The Ferrari Challenge: I Love Race Week Mornings

ontarioferraris 015

As part of the Rolex24 at Daytona festivities this weekend, on Saturday, the Ferrari Challenge will have one of their 2013 events out at the Daytona International Speedway. When this olelongrooffan was out at the Roar a couple weekends ago, we got to see a souped up SUV with the rear hatch open filming a bunch of these supercars as they raced around the track for some promo event. Well, my fellow Hoons, as this olelongrooffan will be out at the 24 for the entire weekend, the likelihood of me getting to see these cars on that track is damn good. However, on my way into schlep some trailers this morning, I did happen to catch a few Ferraris of the Canadian variety getting unloaded and prepped at a local shop.

ontarioferraris 011

In addition to the huge assed transporter, there were four, count em four, Ferrari 458’s freshly unloaded from that bright red truck. There were several Ferrari apparel wearing dudes around, including three swapping out tires and wheels on a multi colored car in one of the engine bays.

ontarioferraris 010

I’m not really sure the connection between Aristocrat Limo and this Canadian based group but I sure am glad I chose to drive across L.P.G.A. Boulevard on my way into the trailer joint this morning.

ontarioferraris 009

The inside of that race car trailer was lit up like Times Square this morning and those boys were moving that thing around in an attempt to get it out of the way of that car sales/service facility/limo rental facility.

ontarioferraris 008

A small glimpse of the one having the tire service performed is viewable just in front of this yellow and red Ferrari. I can’t wait to see these on the track on Saturday.

ontarioferraris 012

And lest my fellow Hoons believe these Ferraris are showroom fresh, this olelongrooffan would suggest you might want to think again. Apparently, in this series, all of the drivers “arrive and drive” these supercars at their track of choice and the cars themselves are maintained and transported by select Ferrari dealers. Wonder if this olelongrooffan could get a job detailing this beauties for these guys?

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6 responses to “Long Shots: The Ferrari Challenge: I Love Race Week Mornings”

  1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I hereby propose a race series for the Semi trailers, in the same vein as the Support Truck races in the Paris-Dakar. Seems a shame to polish 'em all up without putting them on the track.

  2. mr. Smee Avatar
    mr. Smee

    Canadian Ferrari comes with snow tires? If they really want to 'move the metal' in Alberta, they need to move from Calgary to Fort Mac.

  3. MVEilenstein Avatar

    458's are cool, but I want to drive the hauler. Is that weird?

  4. Maymar Avatar

    One of Remo Ferri's Ferrari dealers is located in an auto park in one of Toronto's suburbs – he owns roughly half the dealers there, and a significant number of the rest of them are owned by the Pfaff family (who've been in the VW/Porsche business for years). Directly across the road from the Ferrari dealer is our area McLaren dealer (owned by the Pfaffs). They're both rather competitive, and keep a rather decent collection of machinery on site, and at one point, engaged in who could show off the more impressive car (I believe it culminated in one of Senna's old F1 cars being on display directly across from one of Proust's old cars).
    I also dig the paint job on Robert Herjavic's 458.

    1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      I'll bet the scent of Proust's car could really take you back…

  5. sudden1 Avatar

    Reminds me of an article I read not too long ago when some Ferrari owners rented a racetrack so they could scare themselves silly and a Ferrari engineer showed up and told the 458 guys to set their tire pressures at twenty nine point four pounds. Not twenty nine. Not twenty nine and a half. Twenty nine point four. I want that in my life if only for a moment…