Long Shots: An Original Appearing Cinquecento

IMG_2276 So this olelongrooffan is still working on assimilating myself to my newish surrounds, yeah, I know, it’s been 9 months, come on old man get with it. While many of my fellow Hooniverse contributors write for a living around these here intertubes, I am just an average Joe just trying to eke out a living here in the sunny (and wet) southwestern part of the Sunshine State. In this olelongrooffan’s defense, I have recently purchased a brand spanking new hp laptop and Windows 11 sucks. With this version, my pictures library doesn’t perform anything like any previous version and the space bar on the cheapest laptop WallyWorld sells only works when myleft thumb hits it. Now I am sure all of this can be contributed to OE but it just sucks learning new systems when the old ones worked justfineforme. Oh yeah, Get Off My Lawn. However, when I spotted this original looking Fiat 500, this olelongrooffan knew that I had to suck it up, stop, smell the exhaust fumes and share a few images of it with my fellow Hoons. If any of all ya’all are interested in seeing What I Saw Today, feel free to jump on through.   IMG_2277 Now this 500 is most likely far from original, it looks in way to good of shape to not have had some body sculpting touch ups in its life, it is not one of the retro puffed up versions reintroduced by Mr. Marchionne in 2007 and it looks dang straight all the way around. IMG_2279 From what I can ascertain, it is a post 1965 D model and this conclusion is based purely on the fact is has front hinged doors versus the more desirable suicide doors. I mean, c’mon fellow Hoons, along with longrooffs, who doesn’t like suicide doors? IMG_2280 Now, once again, this olelongrooffan needs to rely upon the vast knowledge of my fellow Hoons to identify this placard found in the passenger’s side rear window. Based solely on the 05/19/2012 nomenclature, I am calling some sort of registration or possibly an export certificate? IMG_2281 But yeah fellow Hoons, this antique city car with tires of the size mdharrel would love and the Citroenesque center mounted bolts keeping the hubcaps in their rightful location sure captured this olelongrooffan’s attention this sunny afternoon. IMG_2282 And a canvas roll back roof on this 11,876 kilometer owning vehicle sure is a natural beauty. Andwhatthellisthatyellowthinginthebackground? Damn WallyWorld! Images Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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