Long Shots: An Eldorado, The Same Only Different

Since Friday’s Mystery Car was basically a late 60’s Eldorado, well kind of, this olelongrooffan thought I would include a copy of an Eldo from the previous generation. This one is rear wheel drive and it’s a convertible.

I spotted this one while I was down in Fantasyland a week or so ago and thought it was a pretty nice specimen.  Its bright red paint was all shiny and that white top is in excellent condition.

The odo showed only 92,467 miles and the condition of the two pedals makes me think that those are original miles and it should stand up for many more.

Ironically, it had a state inspection from my home state of Missouri and sported a Marco Island license plate on its nose.  Its body panels were remarkably dent free and they just glistened.

It was about twelve miles long and nearly just as wide.  Overall this thing was in remarkable shape for a 46 year old vehicle.  It kind of reminded this olelongrooffan of the 66 Bonneville ragtop my Pop had back in the day.

The sticker on this car was $29,995.00.  I would suspect that at that price, the rear bumper alignment would be just a bit more on target.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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