Long Good Friday – Beater Street

During a Good Friday stroll (day off, what can be better than that?) around the old town I snapped a few photos of cars previously pictured in older posts. On a completely silent, somewhat windy sunny day they were strewn across the neighbourhood, comically close to each other like someone had performed an IRL Hooniverse search. There are a couple of new acquaintances as well, but mostly you can see stuff you can recognize, if you’ve been following my posts.

That black 323F, for example, was shot a while ago in striking sodium lighting in freezing cold. Today, it had it a bit easier.

Make the jump to see some more old buildings and a couple of old cars.

We started our walk from the old theater, continuing away from the hill.

Across the plaza is an old Shell station, today the offices of a driving school. The pumps are on the other side these days, and it still serves self-serve gas.

There’s a Volvo wagon on this side of an old house…

And on the other side, there’s an abandoned 240 sedan with US-model quad headlights.

How’s this for a grim facade?

Some time later, we left the more architecturally interesting neighbourhood and hit Beater Street.

This ink-black Lada had the sticker prominently declaring “Quality from across the border – 1973”. No need to guess the year of manufacturing, right? There’s also a couple Lada Club stickers on it, like on the red one seen earlier.

Here’s the red Celica featured earlier today. It was just as beat as it was before, but somehow the bent rocker was more noticeable.

Behind it, a very worn Nissan-Datsun Sunny. It looks like it’s been parked by feel, not eyesight.

Across the street is the RHD XJ40 I saw in the parking garage some time ago. I did see it in traffic when I shot the Mustang, but now it looks like it’s sat there for a while.

The dirty windows almost look mossed over. But derelict suits an older Jag just as much as pristine does.

That black E36 wagon isn’t much cleaner than the other three. There are garbage bag tints, sprayed-over taillights, some suspension job; yeah, it’s a bona fide used-import beater.

As a finishing touch, here’s the Datsun Finn I saw in even more snowy surroundings earlier. Compared to the rougher sightings, it too is far from perfect, but like I said it can’t be all bad if it’s made it this far. Keep on keepin’ on, like I greet a metal singer friend every time I see him in a bar.

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