Lime Rock Historic Festival: Vintage Car Playground

Lime Rock Park is such a lovely place this time of year. Aside from their weird “no racing on Sundays” law, it might just be the perfect place to hold a vintage event. It is one of the oldest race courses in the country, and with such beautiful backdrops, it almost transports you back to the ‘good old days’ when you go there. When you fill the place with literally thousands of beautiful vintage cars, that nostalgia simply intensifies. The track’s PR folks sent us an album of photos from their recent Historic Festival 33, and we’ve picked out a few of the best ones here for you to see. These are the kinds of press releases we like to see. It’s worth checking out, getting you revved up for the return to your shortened work week. Enjoy!

The PR guy sent over that album with the following verbiage: “It started with 100 race cars driving the byways of our gorgeous corner of Connecticut, arriving in Falls Village for a street fair. We then welcomed Sir Stirling Moss and Lady Susie and Jochen Mass and Bettina. Then we practiced and qualified and raced for two days. Then a huge concours and car show – 1,200 collector cars in all – filled our Sunday. And Monday we raced again, magnificent historic machines from the 1920s to the 1980s. Over five glorious days it was a celebration of cars and icons and iconic designs. You could call it, unashamedly, motoring magnificence magnified by Mercedes, Moss and Mass.” Why say more than that? A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well he just sent us a few hundred thousand words.
The Group 44 cars had liveries that were so simplistically turned out, but looked every bit the part. Creamy white, BRG stripe; what more could you need?
I love this photo, because just look at the little Morgan behind the Bugatti. It’s so small and low to the ground. That must have been absolutely revolutionary to drive when it was new. The Brits really knew how to make sports cars. What on earth happened?
Sir Stirling is one of my favorite characters it the motoring world. He’s just so charismatic and enthusiastic, even all these years later. Such a cool guy.
Vintage grand prix motor cars mixing it up with an old Indy Roadster. Where else can you see stuff like this? Vintage racing is the best.
This Triumph TR is pretty wary of something trying to overtake on the left.
Wave to the people, sir.
Oh yeah, this would be fun.
That Bobsey Porsche (the orange car on the right) was recently at the Monterey Motorsport Reunion, as were a few other cars. It’s always nice to see these cars getting the exercise they need.
If that Triumph before was surprised, this MG is ANGRY! It’s nice when a vintage racer has a sense of humor.
Oh, just Jochen Mass driving a pre-war Grand Prix car. No big deal.11930969_10153473143779003_6046372837937262587_o
The 1957 Le Mans winning Ecurie Ecosse Jag D? Oh my! (Jag D’s were 1-2-3-4-6 at Le Mans in 1957, by the way.)
Here’s another pretty cat. E-types always look best without a windshield. That’s a fact. You can have that fact for free.
Scuderia Ferrari Alfas hit the race track. Enzo smiles.
Beautiful track. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful cars. Simple. Elegant.
Brute force can sometimes get the job done on the race track.
From concerned to checking out an Alfa’s ass in just a few minutes…
This looks like something out of a movie. The slinky little protagonist is being pursued by the brash and burly bad guys. Let’s all hope our hero gets away.
Perfectly framed.
Oh yes, this is good. This is what vintage racing is all about. I’ll bet the dude in the Lotus is ecstatic to be hanging on to the rear bumper of a car costing several hundred times what his does. It’s like its the 60s again.
MG versus Austin Healey. Is that like the Ford versus Chevy of the vintage Brit scene?
Photos courtesy Greg Clark/Lime Rock Park

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  1. JayP Avatar

    We stumbled onto the festival in 1993, I think. The first year we were there Sunday for the car show. The next year we were there Saturday for the races.
    My brother and I played around with MGs in the south. The only other British cars we ever saw was from magazines. This place was great. Car parts! Race cars! We ate it up. Got a pic with Vic Edelbrock Jr, saw Brian Redman and John Fitch.
    The last year was 1995 as my brother graduated spring 1996. I know I’ve seen the Group 44 TR6 and the #928 MG when we were there. Good stuff.

  2. Roody Avatar

    Good stuff! Probably crossed paths with you as well, as I just found out with somebody over on Oppo. The “no racing on Sundays” rule is a noise ordinance, i.e. they do it to keep the neighbors happy and keep racing going as much as they can. Also the D-Type drove into the park under its own power and (s expected) leaked oil everywhere when it was stopped for 30 seconds in front of me as it pulled into the Car Corrals yesterday.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      British cars leak oil on purpose – it’s their only rust protection!