Letter from an Elderly Lady About a Ferret Brings a Tear to Our Eye

peter dawson ferretAh…BringATrailer, you’re like a more focused, classier, mature version of us. Case in point, after featuring this 1957 Peter Dawson Ferret (to which we believe the current Maserati Grand Turismo’s front end owes a hat-tip), Mr. Dawson’s widow wrote in with more pictures and a touching description of her husband’s life as a mechanical engineer and race car builder/driver. A quick excerpt:

Races themselves were miles away from Detroit — Elkhart Lake, Watkins Glen, Cumberland, Mid Ohio, Mosport, M.I.S.etc.– which meant leaving from work on Friday night to drive all night on roads that were not today’s expressways. Racing all weekend and returning Sunday night in time to get to work Monday morning. He LOVED it all. He often said, “It’s a good thing I like making the cars so much, because I spend so much more time building than I do racing.”

But seriously, hit up BaT for the whole thing, it’s worth your time. Thank you, Mrs Dawson, your husband was an incredible man.

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