Let's See That Basement Lamborghini Do This!

Is Hummer and is going down- is Yakov Smirnoff funny!
In mother Russia, Hummers are popular rides for the wealthy, but typically those trucks bring the bling rather than tear up the tundra. One Russian, who was looking for something more Siberian Husky than Moscow Mule, took matters into his own hands and decided to give himself a Hummer. Since he was unbound by the limitations of those Hummers provided to our military, his iteration seems much more robust and able to crawl over, or swim through, damn-near anything.
Hold your breath children, we are going bath now- remember be washing behind ears.
The Polish site hosting these shots is, strangely, in Polish, and  a translation of the description doesn’t help too much-

A Russian got the idea to do a replica of the famous cope with difficult conditions off-road vehicle. According to the Russian ideology, was a replica of a Hummer needs to be better than an American original. It is not a terrible fire, water on the roof, and even in the field is doing.

Err, yeah- that’s it. Regardless, you get the idea that Yuri Notstopinfornuthiniski took liberties to make this the terminator of Hummers- with room for him and 3 Bolshevixens to head down to BevMoski, for vodka and pirozhki, and let nothing get in their way.

Is alright, I am fine- I have the wipers on "fast".
With aggressive approach and departure angles, and a raisable snorkel for engine intake and exhaust, it seems nothing could get this home-built Hummer to stop short of Borscht-belting it to the statue of Lenin.
Please to be cleaning turtles from car.
The most important question I have is- how does he keep the stove lit while under water?
Who wants latkes?!
Looking at Boris Drivingoff’s Hummer makes you wonder how we would have fared had we ever had to go up against the ingenuity and tenacity of the Russians should the cold war have turned hot. Seeing this kind of work, and the level of raw capability makes one wonder why Russian cars have always been such crap. And as they say, imitation is the sincerest from of flattery- well, this is one imitation that could conceivably flatten its progenitor. Via: Fundir.org

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