Lessons In Excessively Boastful Automotive Advertising: Bimmer Edition

Is it 1986? Do you have a passion for speed? Do you also need to carry a full family and all of their things? Enter BMW’s “fastest sedan in the world”. The E28 Chassis M5 began a tradition of high speed sedan-ery that persists through to today. While the high speed sedan was limited to 1200 copies, and it only ran for three model years 1986-88, but all the cars were labled as 1988 model year, it is still remembered as a cult classic. American BMW enthusiasts should still be ruing the day BMW decided on the North American specification of the hyper sedan, however. We, unfortunately, were burdened with catalytic converters, and compression ratios lowered from 10.2:1 to a lowly 9.5:1. While ROW residents reveled in 282 horsepower, a top speed north of 150 miles per hour, U.S. citizens and Canuckians alike, lived in forced complacency with only 256 horsepower and 148 miles per hour. Additionally, Our German overlords also decided that we were not capable of deciding on our vehicle colors, as the USA market M5 was only sold in “Schwarz”. While most had cream-colored interior, there were a few cars with black leather too.  How boastful can they be? As if that weren’t enough, here is a video demonstrating just how conceited and arrogant BMW’s Motorsport division is. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N_Om2CxtVU[/youtube]

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