LeMons: Arse-Freeze-a-Palooza Teams 2009

Not actually a race car; driver lost, refuses to stop for directions.
Not actually a race car; driver lost, refuses to stop for directions.

Well, for those of you who have been waiting with baited breath, the information has been set free from the stony clutches of Assistant Perpetrator and Also Culpable Nick Pon.
From a personal perspective, we can’t even say how excited we are to see teams from Canada making the long trek. One, in fact, is coming from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; this means they are driving right past my house when they go, and the fact that they haven’t contacted me to request that I join them on their adventure I can only chalk up to a mistaken oversight of the most egregious proportions.
Of particular note is the sheer number of teams: almost 160, by our best reckoning (ie, counting) presumably including some alternate teams. Just think; by lap five, almost 100 of those will have exploded into fiery balls of shrapnel and transmission fluid.
Image credit to Murilee the Saucy Minx over at Jalopnik.

car number team name car year/manufacturer/model captain city/state team url
1 San Jose Scalawags 1920/Mazda/Mx 5 SAN JOSE/CA gspykett@yahoo.com
2 Team InternationOLVO (aka Damn Foreigners) 1983/Volvo/240 Turbo Port Coquitlam/BC http://volvo240turbo.blogspot.com/
3 Snowspeeder Pilots Association 1985/toyota/mr2 Ashland/OR http://beater-car.blogspot.com/
4 Knights of the round track 1986/Toyota/MR2 Salt Lake City/Utah stickfigureracing.blogspot.com/
5 Project FATE 1986/Nissan/300zx Albany/CA projectfate.wordpress.com
7 Wedginator iii 1976/Triumph/TR7 Redwood City/California
8 Team King Crab 1995/BMW/325i Roseville/CA Building
9 Group of Foolz 1983/BMW/533i Whittier/California groupoffools.com
10 The Sharks 1983/BMW/528e Los Angeles/CA www.peasantracing.com
11 Los Cerdos Voladores 1995/Plymouth/Neon Corona/California
12 Blood Drive/Arcane Racing 1978/BMW/530i Fresno/ca
13 Pearl Harbor Racing 1981/Datsun/200sx San Jose/CA Old Name website: http://datsundingbats.blogspot.com/ Other online documentation: http://www.mowersclan.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=45
14 $14 The Hard Way 1995/Volkswagen/Golf GL Valencia/CA hpdlemons.shutterfly.com
15 E=MC HAMMERED 1987/bmw/325e sacramento/ca
16 Lipstick on a Pig 1991/nissan/sentra Miranda/CA
17 Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head 1983/VW/Rabbit Union City/CA bunnywithapancakeonitshead.blogspot.com/
18 Squadra Volante 1979/Alfa Romeo/Alfetta GTV Berkeley/CA
19 ZZ Uber Das Driver: Uncle Uber is Back! 1984/Volksvagen!/Gti Los Gatos /Ca www.Buy-Cell.com
21 The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys 1988/Peugeot/505 turbo S Renton/WA teamlemon.blogspot.com
22 4 R’s (aka 501k) 1989/VW/Jetta Concord/CA
23 Formula BMW 1986/BMW/325E Santa Clara/CA www.rahulnair.net/blog/category/motorsport/24-hours-of-lemons/
24 PIT CREW REVENGE 1995/honda /civic coupe discovery bay /ca
25 Team Red Beer 1989/Toyota/Camry Truckee/CA qualityautomotiveandsmog.com
26 Carpet Pissers 1985/Honda/CRX Berkeley/CA
27 Mark’s Wife Won’t Let Him Drive 1987/Porsche/944 Fremont/CA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXpN6Kinz_g
28 Frak This Racing/ Lime Tigers 1976/Datsun/280Z Grimes/CA
29 Team Ken 1984/Mazda/Rx7 Novato/Ca
30 Wienerschmoker II: Electric Boogaloo 1985/BMW/325e Laguna Niguel/CA
31 1320 Turners 1986/Nissan/300ZX San Bruno/CA www.norcal1320.com
32 The Flakes 1986/Volvo/Chevolvo Colfax /CA
33 Caffeine Unlimited 1987/bmw/e30 oakland/ca
34 Team California Mille 1979/Alfa Romeo/Alfetta GT Novato/Ca
35 Team California Mille #2 1976/Alfa Romeo/Alfetta GT San Rafael/Ca
36 Killer Bees 1977/MG/MGB San Jose/CA http://killerbeeracing.blogspot.com/
37 FartRari Racing 1991/Mazda/Miata Granite Bay /Ca fartrariracing.com (pending)
38 Death Race 2000 Frankenstein’s REVENGE! 1992/Mazda/MX6 Fresno/CA
39 Team Cant Am 1983/Volvo/242T San Leandro/CA
40 Absolute Lemon Motorsports 1987/BMW/325 Mountain View/CA absolutelemon.blogspot.com
41 Frozen Assets 1997/Plymouth/Neon Shingle Springs/CA
42 Beaver Domination 1993/Honda/Civic Fort Saskatchewan/Alberta http://www.beaverdomination.com/
43 Unknown Fluids 1982/BMW/633 Uberbird Huntington Beach/CA http://www.UnknownFluids.com
44 U.S. BureauCRAP 1997/Nissan/Maxima Santa Clara/Ca usbureaucrap.webs.com
45 HomeTown Buffet / WOO WOOO! 1989/Isuzu/I-Mark RS Handling By Lotus Newark/CA forum.bayza.org
46 XDOG’s 1986/Honda/CRX Suisun/Ca.
47 Family Truckster 1972/FOrd/Pinto Wagon country squire no less! Martinez/CA
48 Festiva Royale 1986/Ford/Kia/Festiva/Pride Seattle/WA
49 THUNDER RACERS 1989/Ford/Mustang Willows/CA
50 Starsky and the Bandit 1974/Ford/Capri San Francisco/CA
51 Uber Vogel: Hans-Am 1987/Mercedes/190E Santa Clara/CA nope
52 Old Fast Auto Race Team and Sons 1987/Porsche/924S Saratoga/CA jrnix@pipeline.com
54 Blanco Basura Racing 1991/Honda/Qualude Santa Cruz/ca www.blancobasura.com
55 The Cannonball Bandits 1987/Toyota/Corolla FX-16 Pleasanton/CA www.cannonballbandits.com
56 Team Dai Hard 1989/Daihatsu/Charade CLS Simi Valley/CA daihatsu-fans.org
57 Planet Hell Racing 1986/Porsche /944 Santa Cruz/CA
58 Bavarian Beer Wagon 1985/BMW/325e San Francisco/CA
59 Tercelators’ Totally Bitchen Camaro 1987/Chevrolet /Camaro Yerington/NV
60 Badagascar 1994/Acura/Integra Alhambra/CA www.hollyweirdteams.com/Badagascar/Welcome.html
61 Rubber Chicken Piccata Racing 1988/Volvo/GLE740 San Rafael/CA
62 Purple Lemon Racing 1969/Volkswagen/1969 Beetle Walnut Creek/California TBA
63 Rockerz in Dockerz 1987/Ford/4 cylinder Mustang (88hp power chariot) Clackamas/or www.rokkerzindokkerz.com
65 Unsafe at Any Speed 1965/Chevrolet/Corvair San Francisco/CA teamunsafe.blogspot.com
66 Faster Farms II: Non Rotisserie Chickens 1966/Plymouth/Belvedere TWO Alameda/Ca fasterfarms.blogspot.com
67 Size Does Matter 1967/Plymouth/Fury III Olympia/WA www.rocketresto.com
68 Italian Stallions aka “The Fiat” 1980/Fiat/X1/9 Woodside/CA www.monkeycage.net
69 D C&H Taxi Co 1995/Honda/Civic Sacramento/CA
70 Deepest Valley Racing 1989/GMC/Caprice Lone Pine/CA
71 Team Hurling Moss 1976/BMW/2002 seattle /wa
72 B-Team 1986/BMW/325e Torrance/CA www.bteamfiasco.com
73 1UP Mother Cluckers – Well Connected Nissan Freaks 1991/Nissan/Sentra Long Beach/CA www.motoiq.com
74 Leftover Parts Racing 1983/Mazda/RX7 Del Mar/CA sites.google.com/site/leftoverpartsracing/
75 Save The Whale 2000/Ford/Crown Victoria San Bruno/CA
76 Stars & Stripes Racing 1985/Mazda/RX-7 Castro Valley/CA
77 Gimp Pimp 1996/Cadillac/STS San Jose/CA
78 TSP – Drivers In Training 1984/Honda/civic Union City/CA http://teamstimuluspackage.blogspot.com
79 Lil Smokey and the Bandit Racing 1987/Toyota/MR2 San Francisco/CA lilsmokeyracing.com
80 Driving For Donations! 1987/Acura/Legend Coupe San Francisco/CA none yet
81 reversed darwinism II: brute force and ignorance 1997/Ford/P 71 crown vic Aurora/OR
82 The Black Flags 1983/Toyota/Celica Supra Los Angeles/CA madmaxcar.wordpress.com
83 Junk Yard Kats 1983/Nissan/280 ZX-Turbo Sacramento/CA
84 Barbarian Motorworks 1986/BMW/325es San Diego/CA www.barbarianmw.com
85 Huey Newis and the Lose 1985/Ford/Mustang Alameda/CA hueynewisandthelose.blogspot.com/
86 The Faustest Team 1986/Satan/325 Los Angeles/CA www.facebook.com/pages/The-Faustest-Team-24-hours-of-Lemons/200694375458
87 ONSET/TWTM2 1987/Roger Smith’s General Motors/Cavalier Wagon CS El Cerrito/CA
89 An Inconvenient Car 1989/Ford/Taurus SHO Battle Ground/WA www.shosource.com
90 Free Range Racing 1988/Toyota/MR2 Portland/OR freerangeracing.blogspot.com
91 Kamikaze Ninjas with Lasers‏‏ 1991/Nissan/Sentra SE-R Newark/CA Www.pirateninjaswithlasers.com
92 Chim Chim Racing 1983/Volkswagen/Rabbit San Jose/CA
93 Guud Humor Racing 1990/Ford/Ranger Extended Cab Citrus Heights/California
94 Bachelor Boys & The Lost One 1994/Honda/Civic Sedan Rohnert Park/California
95 Socialist Dogsledders 1993/Honda/Civic Type Slow Fort Saskatchewan/Alberta www.socialistdogsledders.com
96 Clunkers Refuge Racing 1986/Nissan/300ZX Dublin/CA http://groups.google.com/group/zlime?hl=en
97 Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 in the Fast Lane 1984/Volvo/244 Danville/CA
98 Red Rocket Racing 1986/Toyota/Celica GT sacramento/california
100 Rice Rocket Racing (the sequel) or RQubed 1983/Datsun/Nissan/280ZX San Ramon/CA blog.ricerocketracing.org
102 Hatfieldís and McCoy’s 1988/Nissan/300zx Fountian Valley/CA none yet
103 Punk Racing 1983/mazda /rx7 novato/ca
104 Team Barbie 1983/Mazda/RX-7 Novato/CA
105 Skid Row Racing 1977/Chevrolet/Camaro Discovery Bay/CA sealmarine.com
106 Audi in Wonderland 1995/Audi or was it DWK?/90 Angels Camp/CA sites.google.com/site/audiinwonderland/
108 Nerd Herd 1986/Toyota/MR2 Yuba City/Ca nerdherdracing.com
110 Motoring J Style 1977/Datsun/Rob Dull Special Construction Sausalito/CA
111 Sin City SCAR Wars 1985/Ponticrap/Fiero Las Vegas/Nevada not available
112 A+ Trailor Trash 1984/Mazda/rx 7 chico/Ca www.dustinjenks.com
114 Zoom-Zoom… BOOM 1991/Mazda/323 Bakersfield/CA www.plavanracing.com/teamzoom.htm
118 Gift With Purchase 1992/BMW/325is Mill Valley/CA
120 Autobahn Society Racing 1976/BMW/2002 San Francisco/CA http://autobahnsocietyracing.com/
121 POS Delivery 1991/BMW/325i San Marcos/CA www.posracing.com
124 team power 1983/bmw/633csi modesto/ca importautorepair@sbcglobal.net
136 LEMON DEMOLITION 1990/honda /crx discovery bay /ca
140 Diplomatic Immunity 1995/Mercedes/S Class San Diego/CA www.magnusracingclub.com
143 Mysteries Inc. Racing 1989/plymouth/voyager turbo San Jose/CA mysteriesincracing.blogspot.com
144 Pandamonium Racing 1990/BMW/325i Mountain View/CA pandamoniumracing.blogspot.com
147 F-ING Renault Fromage1 Racing Team 1984/Renault/Alliance Portland/OR
148 Fish out of Water 1984/Porsche/944 Emeryville/CA
151 LowerGearEpisode2 1988/BMW/325 San Jose/CA
153 A Lemon Entry 1988/Ford/1988 Santa Clara/CA still haven’t figured out how to do that!
157 Magnum pig 1994/Toyota/Celica Orange/CA
168 Dust n Debris 1994/Dodge/Shadow Reno/NV
171 Eyesore Racing 1993/Mazda (and Dodge…)/Miata Long Beach/CA eyesoreracing.com
180 Las Vegas Magic 1990/Honda/CRX Denver/CO
192 Dudes of Hazard 1988/Toyota (Mostly)/Celica Loomis/CA
195 Team Lightning McQueen 2004/Pontiac/Sunfire Hayward/CA
197 Chicken Licken -Reburned 1992/Nissan/Stanza Santa Clara/CA TBD
200 Redneck Racing Team(RRT) 1991/Cadillac/Elk-Dorado Bend/Or www.redneckracingteam.com
245 Bernal Dads Racing 1984/Volvo/245 San Francisco/CA http://www.bernaldads.org
308 Magnum P.O.S. 1988/Hondarrari/308 GRX Sacramento/CA scrappydogsracing.com/magnum
314 Heisenberg Racing 1991/BMW/E30 318 Redondo Beach/CA http://sites.google.com/site/heisenbergracing/
410 Team Apathy Blown Seal Racing 1989/Saab/9000 Turbo Ventura/CA
411 Yushin Maru Racing 1988/Toyota/Supra Vancouver/WA yushinmaruracing.com
430 Team Petty Cash 1989/Jeep/Cherokee Issaquah/Washington www.teampettycash.com
491 Team Pyrite 1990/Eagle/Talon Tustin/CA sites.google.com/site/teampyrite4lemons/
500 Cajun Coonasses dba Speed Racer 1988/Honda/Prelude Walnut Creek/CA
555 Mazdarachis 1985/Mazda /RX7 Signal Hill/Ca
647 Hit & Run 1983/BMW/320 I Scotts Valley/CA
666 I Wanna Roc 1989/Chevrolet/Camaro San Jose/CA iwannaroc.blogspot.com
711 Carpocalypse NOW! 1992/Fiat/Talon TSI AWD Costa Mesa/CA http://evilengineering.com/projects/lemons.html
724 Runs like a Raped Ape 1990/Acura/Integra Los Gatos/Ca Not yet
746 Filthy Faux Ford GT40 2001/Ford/Escort ZX2 Napa/CA
777 Hit & Run II 1984/Mitsubishi/starion Santa Cruz /CA na
902 Rooster Juice Racing 1979/Porsche/924 Novato/CA www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=56691128061&ref=ts
911 NYPD ITB 1991/Mazda/323 Sherman Oaks/CA http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x3/ignatius_reilly/lemons/
914 The Big EASY 1973/Porsche/914 Emeryville/Ca N/A
969 sierra auto recycling 2000/FORD/CROWN VIC Ridgecrest/California
999 Flamin’ Rods 1987/bmw/325is castro valley/ca
XX angry hamster racing 1971/honda/Z600 San Mateo/ca www.angryhamsterracing.com
XX Automatica 1990/FreeMW/325i Convt. Mill Valey/CA
XX Clueless Party Vikings Vintage Racers 1989/Ford/Mustang Camarilo/CA N/A
XX Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta // Oakland/CA hardtuned.com
XX Fast Times @ Placer High 1990/Mazda/Miata Grass Valley/Ca.
XX Faulknor Auto Racing Team (FART) 1986/BMW/one rusty 535i South San Francisco/CA Forrest Faulknor ENT
XX Geo Metro-Gnome 2.0 1992/Geo/Metro los angeles/ca.
XX Rockin Rollers 1983/Mazda/RX-7 Monte Sereno/California under development
XX Snobs on the Dole // Los Angeles/CA
XX Team Red Bear // Campbell/CA http://www.teamredbear.com
XX The channel 4 news team 1991/Nissan/240sx joppa /md www.driftalliance.com

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28 responses to “LeMons: Arse-Freeze-a-Palooza Teams 2009”

  1. BGW, Capt (Ret.) Avatar

    Since I spent more teenage hours than was likely healthy in a Peugeot 505, I have to again support the Surrender Monkeys.
    Although that 1920 MX-5 looks intriguing as well- Presumably they built the time machine for less than $500?

    1. Bret Avatar

      Thanks! We're looking forward to actually making it to Thunderhill this time.

      1. engineerd Avatar

        Have a safe trip!

  2. joshuman Avatar

    I count five teams from my native state. Combine them all and I may have an effluency winner. Festiva Royale with Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys in An Inconvienient Car, where Size Does Matter, chasing down the giant Crown Vics of the Pacific with the Yushin Maru Racing.

  3. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Can't wait to see the carnage.

  4. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    SWEET, the mini family truckster even has "honky lips" painted on the side!!!!

    1. superbadd75 Avatar

      And the "Wagon Queen" logo!

  5. engineerd Avatar

    That's quite the field! There's enough not-scheisse E30s that it should be a good race! There's some serious contention for IOE, too!

  6. […] https://hooniverse.com/blog/2009/11/03/lemons-arse-freeze-a-palooza-teams-2009/79, Lil Smokey and the Bandit Racing, 1987/Toyota/MR2, San Francisco/CA, lilsmokeyracing.com. 80, Driving For Donations! 1987/Acura/Legend Coupe, San Francisco/CA, none yet. 81, reversed darwinism II: brute force and ignorance, 1997/Ford/P 71 crown vic, Aurora/OR … 104, Team Barbie, 1983/Mazda/RX-7, Novato/CA. 105, Skid Row Racing, 1977/Chevrolet/Camaro, Discovery Bay/CA, sealmarine.com. 106, Audi in Wonderland, 1995/Audi or was it DWK?/90, Angels Camp/CA … […]

  7. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    I am having Hooniverse decals printed up as we speak…

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      I think the Corrado needs one.

    2. Ambersand Avatar

      Element, MS3 and ESPECIALLY the Elise needs one yay!

    3. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I suspect I could easily be talked into one.

    4. "Sparky" Pete Avatar

      I'd plaster the Killer Bee's ass with one.

  8. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
    Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

    Just making sure I can hoon at work. SHould have a computer soon so I can commence regular hooning.

  9. CptSevere Avatar

    I like the fact that Faster Farms is having another go at it. Hope they can keep the dirty side down.

  10. Social comments and analytics for this post…
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by TheHooniverse: From the Hooniverse:: LeMons: Arse-Freeze-a-Palooza Teams 2009 http://bit.ly/4lTqww

  11. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    "Runs like a Raped Ape"
    Pure class, right there.

    1. Impalamino Avatar

      To be used around hardcore male gearheads only. Some people have a….negative reaction to this term, believe it or not.