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Learn About the History of Lane Markings with The History Guy

Those white and yellow lane markings that we see every day are easily taken for granted. We’re taught what double yellow and dashed lines mean in driver’s ed and sometimes we even stay within them, but have you ever wondered how they came to be? It took a surprising amount of time for painted lane markers to be adopted as the automobile became the mainstream. And as The History Guy will tell you in the video below, the history behind those lines is strangely interesting. For those not familiar with the channel, think of that history professor you had in school that you remember the most. No not that one, the cool one. That’s The History Guy. When you’re done getting learnt about the history of lane markings on US roadways, just go and binge the rest of his channel. It’s a true gem of YouTube.

[Source: The History Guy | Image source: Wikipedia Commons]

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One response to “Learn About the History of Lane Markings with The History Guy”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Those old film clips are amazing, including the wood board speedway. Germans used to joke about why Austrians have yellow mid lane markings…they would otherwise clear snow in summer, too. *badadish*