LateralG Lets You Know Where to Get Your Hoon On is the Hoon’s hashpipe of driveable roads. If you’ve ever been cruising down an unfamiliar highway, and wondered where that turn-off goes, and whether it’s a worthwhile detour, then this is a site you need to bookmark.
Broken out be region, LateralG lists the more hoontastic routes, and rates them using six factors- Fun, Difficulty, Traffic, Driveways (unexpected cross-traffic), Condition, and Length. Not only do you have the rankings to go on, but they also provide descriptions of the routes including whether or not it’s a smokey lair.
LateralGMapThe regional routes are represented on clickable maps for easy navigation and there’s also a forum so users can share info and updates. It’s all pretty nicely laid out, and hitting it up before a drive is of value whether you’re going to be attacking the roads on a crotch rocket or your mom’s Camry. While it should be noted that the site is biased toward Southern California Hoons, there is also good info for those not hooning in that region.
So check ’em out and see if there’s a road near you that they rank as “hoon-worthy”. And watch out for those driveways!

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21 responses to “LateralG Lets You Know Where to Get Your Hoon On”

  1. Ash78 Avatar

    We’re sorry, site not available in Florida or Louisiana.

  2. joshuman Avatar

    There is something special about getting a little bit lost. On a trip to visit my future college, I took a wrong turn and spent an extra two hours blasting through the Palouse in eastern Washington. I had no idea which way to go other than a compass direction in my head that said I-90 was thataway. It was fun. Hills, blind crests, series of flowing corners linked together by a half-mile straight, and a snow storm once I reached the interstate.

    1. name_too_long Avatar

      We've got some pretty good driving roads for just about any kind of driving on this side of the hill (Eastern / Central Washington). Everything from five mile straights to twisty-windy-one-lane-on-the-side-of-a-cliff deals… many out in the middle of nowhere.
      There's not much else out here but we've got some good drives.

      1. joshuman Avatar

        I spent seven years living in Pullman and make the trip to the Eastside a few times a year these days. The nice thing is, police are scarce when you are out in the farms or taking that road down to the river at twice the limit. The bad thing is, they will give you a ticket because you are likely the only non-local in the area.

  3. engineerd Avatar

    If you have the time to drive north a bit, you can take Highway 89 from Prescott up through Sedona to Flagstaff. Early on a Saturday or Sunday morning there isn't much traffic (at least, 10 years ago there wasn't). That is probably the best driving road I personally have been on.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Great driving road, I agree. Only time I've done that drive was downhill, from Flag to Sedona, in my motorhome (avatar). The proper tool for that road is a nice English bike, or something with four wheels that's not a feakin' house.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    Hopefully over time this site will flesh out to the rest of the States. Canada can be included, too, but only so we can see which way they plan on attacking us from.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      When they start to throw moose at us?

      1. superbadd75 Avatar

        When that happens, no worries. I've got Boris and Natasha on standby.

    2. FTGDHoonEdition Avatar

      Most of the decent driving roads in MI i know are in the UP. And the additional bonus is the lack of smokeys around every corner. Closer to home there a few bits and pieces, the one road I really like in particular is from AA to Hell.

  5. superbadd75 Avatar

    Sounds like your desert roads have a similar problem to the farm roads around here. You can find some pretty fun ones to travel out in the sticks, but you usually wind up behind an old pickup pulling a horse trailer or bales of hay. That, or you happen upon a Texas State Trooper, and that's not a whole lot of fun, either.

  6. Thrashy Avatar

    It would be pretty much the same for Kansas City. In all the time I've spent out here I have found two good driving roads. Everything else is (quite literally) laid out with a straight-edge and a 90-degree triangle, courtesy of the Land Ordinance of 1785.
    Damn yooouuuuu, Thomas Jeffersooooooooon!