Last Call: What Were They Thinking Edition

Inyo Butte
I wonder how many get rear-ended at this Bakersfield, CA intersection?
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Image: Imgur

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  1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    There is about a 90% chance that they were thinking exactly what you’re thinking. If you think that the people naming the streets don’t have a juvenile sense of humor, you haven’t met any.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      This has been my line of work for two years. It’s a jungle of regulations and I have to apply humour mostly to tackle the public’s responses along the lines of: “Your street name ruined my life”. I’m still longing to create a crossing of “this way” and “that way”, but that should probably be deep in the forests.

      1. mzszsm Avatar

        I might have shared this before but in case not, here goes. Long time ago when my now wife was living in Poland and I in US we wrote a lot to each other. Her last name and the street that she lived on were pretty danged similar sounding and I just assumed that it was like a dirt road that her family home was on solely and so named after her great grandfather or something. So it took a long while for the first letters to her to arrive all in one big bundle when someone at the Post Office figured it out. Of course her father being a prankster then took that and flew with it making all sorts of stories which he just kept weaving more and more elaborately. In the end I believed that not only was he related to a famous general but also did the English voice overs on TV. I’m pretty gullible.

        1. mzszsm Avatar

          Oh and it looks like I forgot the street naming part. He made this intricate fib about how he had to go to all these byzantine meetings to have the street named after his family and get everyone else to agree that lived there to the change and what each family wanted.

          1. Sjalabais Avatar

            That sounds like a sure-footed start on a solid relationship with your father in law! 🙂 Polish TV voiceovers are pretty extreme – from what I’ve seen, it’s often just one guy speaking for all characters. In the most lacklustre voice imaginable, right?

          2. mzszsm Avatar

            Yes, and one of the men sounds very much like my FiL it turns-out. Here are some of the most famous voices used:

          3. Sjalabais Avatar

            Hard to listen to without even removing the original voice. Not that I understand Polish either…

          4. mzszsm Avatar

            It’s starting to turn around, but most people actually preferred this to subtitles.

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Oh, wow…you’re my hero! Any idea where this is from?

          1. 0A5599 Avatar

            Lake Jackson, Texas (indicated by the logo on the other end of the That Way sign).

          2. Sjalabais Avatar

            That’s great! It would never ever had made it through our city council though…

  2. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i bought a 97 miata this weekend
    my commute has become half an hour of total idiocy, my insurance went up by just $10/mo, and if i’m predicting my fuel usage correctly, i’m getting over 30mpg
    why did i wait so long to do this

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Congrats! But…
      Miata > Insight
      V70 > Miata?

      1. wunno sev Avatar
        wunno sev

        hanging onto my V70. i actually bought the Miata primarily so that i could fix all the shit that’s gotten all wiggly on the Volvo over the last several months. it’s needed the valve stem seals done since i bought it 20,000 miles ago and i’m just going to Fix Everything while i’m in there.
        if i had to make sophie’s choice, i’d keep the volvo. but i do not.

  3. Tomsk Avatar

    What what?

  4. Citric Avatar

    I took a picture of a car. I just feel like sharing.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Clearly calendar material. I’m looking at the hooniverse calendar right now….
      Btw, does anyone know what engine that is (was…)?

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        It’s a ’53, so either a 239 straight 6 or 268 straight 8, depending on what model (Chieftain, Star Chief, etc.)

    2. dukeisduke Avatar

      And the 2016 Hemmings Abandoned Autos calendar.

  5. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar
    In NYC
    There’s an intersection in Piscataway, NJ that Johnson Rd becomes Hoes Lane.
    But this sign in PA on I-80 always brightens my day when i see it.
    It gives me the opportunity to do my “Never gets old even though he says it every-Goddamn-time” Dad joke of, “I’d hate to have gym in this town.”
    And I do say it, every time.

  6. duncanator Avatar

    They are the names of two counties in California, Inyo – Death Valley area and Butte County, which is north of Sutter County. Still, having those two together is funny.

  7. Ed Kim Avatar
    Ed Kim

    In Orange County, CA. I used to drive by this all the time.