Last Call- Water Beetle Edition

You have to wonder if the owner of this VW is a Beetle’s half empty or half full kind of guy.
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  1. buzzboy7 Avatar

    [youtube 1qB0lb401ZU youtube]

  2. Alff Avatar

    Veyron shrinks when wet.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      envision that slow-clap animated GIF guy here.

        1. coupeZ600 Avatar

          What's with the filler cap on the Star-Chief? Weren't they all behind the license plate? (I could be completely wrong on this….)

          1. jjd241 Avatar

            Hadn't thought about that, but that protruding filler pipe does seem kludged…I'm not familiar enough with the model to know where it was originally.

          2. coupeZ600 Avatar

            Nice shots, though!

          3. B72 Avatar

            Looks like there is a fuel filler door about a foot and a half in front of the kludge.

  3. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Like father(land), like son.