Last Call: Tugboat Annie Edition

Miller Motors was a DeSoto and Plymouth Distributor located in Mankato, MN which is just outside of Minneapolis. According to The Old Motor, the company started in 1927 doing auto repairs. They are still in business today as a Continental Tire store and oil change shop, however probably not as cool as they once were. At least not Tugboat Annie cool.
The wrecker was commissioned by Miller Motors in 1937 as an iconic emblem of their business and started out as a cab-over International. If only today’s tow trucks were as awesome or had their own names.
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Image: The Old Motor

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  1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    “Mankato, MN which is just outside of Minneapolis”
    It’s more like an hour and a half south of the cities. Fun little city. Went to college there.

    1. steve lyon Avatar
      steve lyon

      I had many friends who went to Mankato State – many fun parties there. Now they call it some ridiculous name like Minnesota State University. PFFT.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    “Tugboat Annie” the character from Saturday Evening Post stories and a movie of the same name, is based on Thea Foss, founder of the West Coast’s largest tugboat fleet, Foss Maritime out of Tacoma, Washington. Originally from Norway, she married a fellow Norwegian in, coincidentally, Minneapolis, MN.
    It’s also the former name of my local pub, though that was ages before I ever set foot in there.

  3. JeffreyDuddles Avatar

    There is the Toe Truck in Seattle.

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      I think at one point there was a right toe, also.

  4. Rennsport 964 Avatar
    Rennsport 964

    Also relevant (perhaps). Long time Seattleites will recognize this slice of Americana which used to be parked at the corner of Mercer and Fairview. You can now find this on display at the Museum of History and Industry, whose new building is not far from where this picture was taken.
    Edit: I see JeffreyDuddles already posted this, but I thought a picture and some context was needed.

  5. outback_ute Avatar

    Presumably there is a mirror on the drivers side, otherwise backing up to a broken down car would be an interesting experience!