Last Call: Trattore Edition

Lambo Tractor
Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini’s namesake car company may have just introduced the it’s ultimate example of performance and expression, the Centenario, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their slower and more agrarian efforts.
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27 responses to “Last Call: Trattore Edition”

    1. ptschett Avatar

      There is a tractor maker aligned with Ferrari, but it goes by a different name…

      1. Guest Avatar

        Makes sense since Sergio Marchionne is both Chairman of CNH (Case-New Holland) Industrial, and CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

    2. Guest Avatar

      Don’t forget Ford:

      And David Brown (the DB of Aston Martin)

      And Ferguson tractors were built by Standard Motors (Harry Ferguson also developed AWD and ABS quite early on, see Jensen FF if unfamiliar).

      1. smokyburnout Avatar

        so the DB11 isn’t really the first turbocharged DB

        1. Rover 1 Avatar
          Rover 1

          Supercar makers?

          1. Sjalabais Avatar

            I don’t consequently distinguish between supercars and super cars.

          2. JRise Avatar

            And across the border in Finland: Valmet may not be the best known car manufacturer, but they were building several Saab models (in addition to Opel Calibra, if I’m not mistaken). Really a tractor company.

      2. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        It’s about time someone painted a Ford tractor in Gulf racing orange and blue.

          1. JRise Avatar

            That is a Fordson Dexta, unless I have completely forgot my agri background. (Spent some hours on a Forson Major with a backhoe) But close, really close.

          2. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

            Yeah, my knowledge of tractors is pretty much nil. The Wikipedia link said that was a Ford, but I didn’t see any Ford badges on it.

          3. Guest Avatar

            I also think it’s a Fordson

            IIRC, Fordson was the name for the first tractors built by Henry, and were sold around the world. In America, they eventually just became Ford tractors, while Europe continued using the Fordson name, as well as a distinctive Blue/Orange livery.

            (I live on a farm, and I have a few antique tractors as well as working ones, but we’ve never had a Ford or Fordson.)

          4. Batshitbox Avatar

            I think the “-son” in Fordson was Ferguson, of Massey Ferguson. But I could be wrong. I could look it up, but I prefer to just say, ‘I could be wrong.’

          5. Guest Avatar

            If I remember the book I read on the history of Ferguson, Harry got his start creating implements for the original Fordson, while the Ford-Ferguson tractors were just called Ford, albeit with a Ferguson badge on the front.

            Also, IIRC, it was Ford’s decision to sell the Fordson in Europe (instead of the Ford-Fergusons) that caused the two of them to break up.

          6. hubba Avatar

            Fordson tractors were introduced by Henry Ford and Son, Inc, which was Henry’s personal separate company when Ford Motor Company had other shareholders.

      3. cap'n fast Avatar
        cap’n fast

        ford really does have that passion thing with spoilers,eh!

    3. jim Avatar

      The Ferrari tractor company has nothing to do with the Ferrari we all know. Just a case of
      homonymy. Yet another unrelated company, called Ferrari Engineering, built this, the F333E Lizard :

    4. JRise Avatar

      At least it seems most Italian car-makers did it:

    5. nanoop Avatar

      I dig that attitude of Mr. L., and somehow, the current models, in their shrill extroversion, are reflecting this – although the early Lambos had more handsome, less harsh looks.
      (I have to give Ferrari that the sport cars are made by another branch of the ‘Smith’ family.)

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Well, the International Harvester Scouts may be gone from my garage, but the Laverda motorcycle remains. Neither one makes personal vehicles any more, strictly commercial. I hadn’t realized that ’till just now, never thought I was such a farm boy. Combines and Corn Binders, that’s me.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Laverda’s agricultural division (est. 1873) was acquired in 2011 by U.S. based AGCO (est.1990), who also own Massey Ferguson (est. 1847). Massey Fergusons were at one time manufactured by Laverda!
      Laverda’s motorcycle division (est. 1949) was acquired in 2004 by the Italian powerhouse Piaggio (along with Aprilla and Moto Guzzi.)
      I hold out hope that an Italian manufactured Laverda motorcycle may one day emerge again. The twins put out by magnate Francesco Tognon in the ’90s were valiant, but ultimately disappointing. Typical Laverdas.
      It won’t be the same if it’s not a vanity project of some incredibly wealthy Italian enthusiast. In the same way that a Lamborghini made by Lamborghini isn’t the same as a Lamborghini made by Volkswagen. But it will be Italian, which a Lamborghini isn’t.

      1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

        It seems like Iranian-produced Massey Fergusons are the sole tractor in Afghanistan. It would be interesting to find some weird American/Italian/Iranian/Afghani tractor love square.
        Ever heard of stick smuggling?

  2. marmer Avatar

    Porsche Diesel Tractors were built by Allgaier, with only the design of the diesel engine licensed from Porsche. The Unimog was originally considered a tractor and built by Boehringer, because MB was not allowed to build all-wheel drive vehicles at the time. And I can’t believe no one has shown one of these: