Last Call: Top Gear Throw Back Thursday on Monday Edition

While they may at the moment be considered the former hosts of Top Gear, here’s where they all sort of started – except for Hammond of course, as that photo was obviously taken last week.
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Source: Imgur

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9 responses to “Last Call: Top Gear Throw Back Thursday on Monday Edition”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Back then they hosted “Top Chainring”, which was all about the latest in bicycles and bicycle related shenanigans. No amount of spandex could conceal the identity of “The Steeg”, who everyone knew was Eddie Merckx.

    1. irishzombieman Avatar

      The fact that he always pedaled up for the test ride on this bike was a bit of a tip-off also.

      1. dr zero Avatar
        dr zero

        So what you are saying is that Eddie Merckx was the first hipster on a fixie?

        1. irishzombieman Avatar

          Nope. Some hipster saw him kicking ass and thought, “I want to look as cool as that cat.”
          Then failed. Because no one looks as cool on a bike as Eddie Merckx.

  2. Alff Avatar

    If you had posted just the photos, it still would have been apparent. I’ll bet that cocky twelve year old yacht pilot has a pack of smokes in his pocket.

    1. Dr. D Avatar
      Dr. D

      Ha! What Clarkson does have “on” his back pocket is a patch that says “Express Yourself” with a hand giving the middle finger in the middle. There is no way my parents would have let me out of the house sporting something like that at his age. It seems he hasn’t changed much, has he?

    1. David Avatar


    2. Monkey10is Avatar

      Ran when parked.