Last Call – Tommy Keeps His Cool

In WWI, British infantry soldiers were referred to as Tommys because of the name used as example in the pay book- Tommy Atkins. British troops during the Great War were famous for their bravery, and for always keeping their heads when the action got hot. That’s why this Tommy is a fitting mascot for this 1920 Locomobile.

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    1. engineerd Avatar

      You beat me to it. Just change the hat and it would be an unmistakable likeness!

  1. jeremy! Avatar

    there he is!

  2. engineerd Avatar

    Old radiator caps and hood ornaments are so cool. They gave cars a certain level of character that is missing on our modern, more pedestrian-friendly steeds. They also were one of the first areas of modification for car owners back in the day. You could buy (or even had made) a radiator cap and change out the OEM cap to personalize the car a bit.
    I guess now we personalize with donks, faux fender vents, blackouts, stickers, <str>ironing boards</str> wings, etc. I may have been born 70 years too late.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      I miss things like this <img src=>