Last Call: This camera angle makes these cars look like a video game

I saw something like this a long time ago and I thought it was so interesting. I would have never thought to mount a camera like this. What really gives it the video game feel is how it zooms out when you mash the throttle and the speedometer looks great too.

Over time our cameras will keep getting smaller and the equipment will become harder to notice. That coupled with the fact that car games like Forza will also keep getting more realistic will further blend the line of what is real and fake. That makes it sound like a bad thing but I think that it will be a really cool era.

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4 responses to “Last Call: This camera angle makes these cars look like a video game”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    I was wondering when the competition sims would have a “god view” for us spectators where we can analyze the choice of line, overtaking and defense action – comparing “fastest” vs “you shall not overtake me” etc.
    Drones are cheap in comparison to helicopters, but simulated camera perspectives are even cheaper, especially long-term.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    After about 2 minutes looking at the lede pic I realized that was the back of the car. I looks like a front-end, but with weird hammerhead shark bits.

    I can’t view the Instagram content because I don’t have an Instagram account. Now, if I could see what was on Instagram I might be interested enough to start an account, but I can’t see what’s on Instagram because I don’t have an account.
    Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

    1. 0A5599 Avatar

      I don’t IG, but I am able to play the above content through Hooniverse. But the same videos are on Youtube.

      1. Batshitbox Avatar

        It’s not every IG account that won’t let me see without an IG account. I stopped even trying, but as it turns out I actually can view this particular video.

        Two caroonists I follow evidently didn’t pay their Instagram Fame Tax and now I’m unable to view their stuff. One (The Oatmeal) has simply gone back to posting on their own website, but the other one hasn’t reverted back to their original site.