Last Call- The Full Cleveland Edition

Nothing special, just a ’69 Mustang with four 351 Cleveland motors. This “Mach IV” exhibition racer is owned by Jill and Gary Weckesser of Delavan Wisconsin, and a lot of the machine work was done by Gary himself. The stats are as outrageous as the visuals- four engines, four-wheel drive, 7-second quarters at an average of 180-190 per. All the engines are set to a synchronized firing order, and all the power goes through a single, well abused clutch. Now, if we could just pit it against Tommy Ivo’s Showboat. . .

More info here.

Image source: [speedcityresin]

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  1. citroen67 Avatar

    Just when I thought I had seen it all…
    What an extraordinarily unique and beautifully ugly monster! Much props to the fabricator of this creature!
    BTW…slightly off-topic, but I have noticed that the mighty Graverobber has been posting more and more lately. It's nice to see that you can spread your wings over here. I have always enjoyed your write-ups at that other blog. Have you considered cross-posting from here to there(and vice-versa), or is that against the rules? I think it would be awesome to see your "poll" related posts over here too (I won't mention names…but it rhymes with 'mice rice, or black ripe').
    /bad rhyme reference

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      There's no law against going over there and enjoying his work. I do it almost every day. Hell, that's where we all came from anyway, and since the two have buried the hatchet there's no reason to feel like a traitor because they 86'd engineerd, for instance. He's allowed over there again, even promoted a comment for me (I'm happy that we don't have that bullshit here). Yeah, Graverobber writes great stuff, here and there, just go and enjoy it.

      1. citroen67 Avatar

        I feel the same way about the commenting system over at that other joint…
        But once again, I think my humble opinions have fallen upon deaf ears.
        I still go there once in a great while for weekend Murilee, but during the week when Ray is in the office licking the portion of his monitor that shows off his precious page views, I respectfully stay away (unless it's to help out a fellow car guy in need).

        1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

          I went to promote a decent and relevant comment today and found that it had been 'locked by an editor'. Was it because he asked for advice? Because he said 'fuck'?
          I promote anything that brings anything to the table.
          I just looked up that comment again, and my promotion held after all, and Murilee replied. Who knows. (Link here, anyway.)

      2. Eggwich Avatar

        I still check Jalop everyday, many times a day. Even when it was "bad" and unloved. It still rules.
        I don't like the tiered commenting system, either, but I don't think that's somehting they have control over, it's a Gawker model they use system-wide.
        Plus, they introduced me to Murrilee. We've now been married for three happy years. (Okay, just Internet Married.)

        1. CptSevere Avatar

          Yeah, Mr. Fiero, you're one of the last of the old time Jalops. There are a few of you guys (us guys, I've been around there for awhile now, too). Yeah, the J is the shit. However, I don't feel the love there anymore. Hell, I've been commenting there for longer than most of the stars. Here at Hooniverse, however, I'm having a blast and don't give a shit about stars or whatever. This silly shit is what got me interested in the J originally, and what we have here is better than what J was when I found it. Jalopnik will always rock, but Hooniverse speaks my language. Don't need no star here, but I like my numbers. That's pretty gratifying. This thing is all about the Motorhead Gods that I followed over at that other thing, and here they all are and we're buddies. Yeah, the J is and will always be the shit, but Hooniverse is what you really want.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    Shouldn't it have white-wall tires?

  3. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    Hrm, now we know what the designer of the X-Bow did in a previous life.

  4. Alff Avatar

    Four steaming Clevelands.

  5. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    For some reason when I clicked the link from my RSS feed, I was expecting something along the lines of my old '73 Delta 88 hardtop (medium green with white vinyl top and white leather interior, the very automotive personification of the Full Cleveland). Somehow I'm very glad to be wrong.

  6. pj134 Avatar

    currently at 470, help if ya can.