Last Call- The Bridges of LA County Edition

Not many people think of LA as a place of beauty, but it’s all in where you look and how you look at things. Here we have the Fourth Street Bridge spanning the concrete canyon that is the tamed Los Angeles River. Arches, powerlines, and a mid-day sun conspire to provide a symmetry that’s both beautiful and representational of the east of downtown industrial area in which this photo was taken.
We’re not the only ones to consider it praiseworthy, this photo, by jojomelons, was one of the winning entries in the Lomography 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future competition. Check it, and the other winners out here.
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  1. skitter Avatar

    I wish I had something better to quote than Ozymandias, but it's a favorite for a reason.

  2. Black Steelies Avatar

    Finally went to see True Grit at the cheap, delayed release theater tonight and it was as entertaining as I had hoped coming from the Coens. The Rooster abides.

  3. Sidecar57 Avatar

    A Daytona Spyder and Cobra fanging down the canal and it would be the perfect photo.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      I was thinking a Caprice and a Falcon convertible.
      /Goddamn dipshit Rodriguez gypsy dildo punks!

    2. Alff Avatar

      l948 Ford vs. 1949 Mercury

  4. texan_idiot25 Avatar

    Normally I despise Lomo photography. Half-assed "art" taken poorly on purpose. So bullshit, there's an app for that. Literally..
    However, this one is well thought out.