Last Call- Taco Truck Edition

Oh Carlos

My money’s on Carlos.

Image source: Imgur

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16 responses to “Last Call- Taco Truck Edition”

  1. Devin Avatar

    Well nobody has said Carlos isn't a virgin.

    1. Alcology Avatar

      Hopefully someone told Carlos to wash his hands though.
      (I've gotten some food truck flu.)

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      He has his way with the tacos.
      How else do you think they get exotic Mexican seasoning besides from an exotic Mexican?

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      Didn't you post something recently about wanting this Edsel? I just noticed it on ebay.

      1. $kaycog Avatar

        I love that Edsel! I can just see me driving that from Houston to Colorado. You have a good memory. Thanks!

        1. OA5599 Avatar

          Paint it in Gulf livery, and knock out two of your bucket list cars at once.

          1. $kaycog Avatar

            "Bucket" list………hahaha! Get it?

  2. stigshift Avatar

    I would definitely hit that truck! Or Carlos, availability and all…..

  3. Alff Avatar

    Mmmm…. tacos.

  4. josh Avatar

    What kind of tacos are those virgins offering is the question??? 😉

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      Must not make inappropriate jokes in the comments… Must not make inappropriate…
      Oh to hell with it.

    2. Dacket84 Avatar

      Bearded Tacos.

  5. Modeleccentric Avatar

    Pastor, Lengua, Buche, Cesos, perrito de carne, chivo..Con Todos!

    1. MVEilenstein Avatar

      Lengua is a personal favorite. Like a good pot roast, but more intense.

  6. MVEilenstein Avatar

    We have food trucks at our office every day (I help arrange them). None of them are this funny, though.