Last Call- Snow Job Edition

All it takes is a light dusting of snow to bring out the evil in a car.
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  1. bzr Avatar

    I thought Christine, like birds, flew south in the wintertime.

  2. Ruthless if u let me Avatar

    I don't know about evil, but it certainly looks curmudgeonly.
    OT: Is Deartháir still doing his "Storm Chaser/Let's Break IntenseDebate" post today?

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      No, I got caught up in real life stuff; but soon!

  3. LTDScott Avatar


  4. FAЯT SMUCKEЯ Avatar

    Year after year I maintain this sort of thing would not happen if snow was cocaine.

  5. RSDeuce Avatar

    I dunno what you are talking about, that is clearly a frown of pure JOY.

  6. pj134 Avatar

    Always chasing one storm or another I guess.