Last Call: Odd Quad Edition

Looking like an unhappy cat in a shallow bath, the Briggs & Stratton-powered Quadractor was intended as a light-duty all-terrain vehicle. The drive was initially invented as a mechanism for aircraft to traverse rough terrain, but after that role was nixed it found a new home under the corners of the Quadractor. So ungainly was the result that it’s motto could have been Go Anywhere, Be Embarrassed Everywhere. 
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 
Image: Rokon World

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26 responses to “Last Call: Odd Quad Edition”

  1. Texlenin Avatar

    If a Pinzgauer, a Radio Flyer wagon, and a garden tiller had a Very passionate
    weekend in Vegas……

    1. econobiker Avatar

      Agri-impliment cross breeding?

  2. Manxman Avatar

    I wonder what the role center is?

    1. Texlenin Avatar

      Tree hauler. But works really hard with the local
      community theater……

      1. Manxman Avatar

        I’m old, I’m confused…can somebody take me home…. I was never a good proof-reader. At least I don’t spell “brakes” “breaks”.

        1. Texlenin Avatar

          No,keep it up. We make a good team. You set ’em up,
          I’ll knock ’em outta the park….

  3. JayP Avatar

    OT: Driving to work today in the truck I discovered from 60-70 that I was getting a terrible vibration from the front end. 59 it was cool, 71 it was cool but between the truck was violent.
    The only thing I did over the weekend was flush the power steering fluid which was 230K+ miles old.
    I dreaded the drive home which wasn’t too bad and pretty normal in the shaky area.
    I need to bleed the brakes this weekend so I’ll rotate the tires at the same time. The tires are 40k into a 50k tread wear rating.
    I had this happen before where I had 3 lbs of tar on the tire. I didn’t see anything like that this time.

    1. Texlenin Avatar

      Had something similar happen several years ago, minus the fluid flush. Massive vibration
      started outta nowhere, worse at slow speeds. Turned out to be a (front) tire, which
      delaminated at 65mph on the outskirts of Howe,Tx. Took out the front of the running
      board, the inner fender liner, the aux lamp rear cover plate, and 1.5 sq ft of the front
      fascia on the way out.

    2. dead_elvis Avatar

      Tar on the tar.
      Tars on the tar. I bet THAT’S what “grounded to the ground” means!

      1. Texlenin Avatar

        Took me three readings, and saying it out loud, before I got that.
        …and I sound like that! Well played, E…

    3. econobiker Avatar

      Check for extra suspension grease inside the wheels too but it sounds like a tire delamination type thing. There maybe a bubble in the tread…

      1. JayP Avatar

        The drive to work today wasn’t bad at all. It always had some wobble just from the poorly balanced wheels done at Walmart. Just lived with it.
        I’ll check them again for any strange wear. A cursory look didn’t hint at anything. I may just suck it up and get new tires… but I need slicks for the Mustang.

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    That there is such a thing as the drive pulley is only alloyed by the fact that it is stacked on top of the steering pulley. The reinforcement of the concept that this is a thoroughly, not just half-assedly, bonkers setup hits you instantaneously.
    I feel confident stating as an absolute, with no research whatsoever, that the steering belt circumnavigates all four corners right below the drive belt, only with a delightful criss-cross in the middle to provide true (!) four wheel steering. I’ll even go so far as to say that the belt has a half twist in it, so that your navigation is effected by a Möbius strip.

  5. dead_elvis Avatar

    Form follows function, in the flesh sheet metal.

    1. Texlenin Avatar

      More like, “Shapeless and without form, and moving upon the
      surface of the waters…”

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      The guy in the Caprice is the poster child for DILLIGAF.

      1. Kiefmo Avatar

        “Who’s laughin’ now??”

  6. Guest Avatar

    This popped up on my local classifieds. Based on no actual facts, this might be the only mint Subaru Justy in the world, at least until Mr. Cesar stumbles onto a unobtanium mine.


    1. Where the hell did this guy find OEM parts and a new engine?
    2. Why is there snow in the picture? It was 25°C here today!$_27.JPG

    If the stuff is OEM, this guy needs a medal.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Just being in a Justy chills the air?

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      As the polar sea ice recedes I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing. Like Ötzi or the Kee Bird.

  7. Sjalabais Avatar

    With my skillful driving, I’d break off a wheel within hours…
    Mini-rant: I’ve complained about the numb cakey steering in my wife’s Camry before. Now that we are cut off from civilization by a massive land slide, I get to drive on a lot of fine road by myself. At…higher speeds, you can feel how the Camry’s front wheels do a little wiggle to the left, to the right, up and down. The movement is in the system. But what happens at the steering wheel? Exactly…nothing. That might be nice on an otherwise tiring cross-country trip, but if you try to engage with a twisty road…yawn!

  8. Kiefmo Avatar

    Interesting thing happened this past weekend. I was over at a neighbor’s house preparing for a community fundraising event that my wife’s involved in.
    We gathered at the house of one of the committee members who is one-of-usssss but not a member of any of the pundit crews that I’m aware of. He had a 2×2 garage (2 cars wide, 2 deep) with a Triumph TR4 in the middle of a resto and a disassembled subie boxer engine on the workbench, along with untold numbers of odds and ends parts stuffed into every corner.
    I then took a closer look at the car under a tarp in his driveway. I assumed it was a WRX wagon parts beater because he DDs a minty 2002 wagon and I could see what were clearly WRX split-5 spoke 16″ wheels poking from beneath the tarp.
    I pulled back the tarp and I noted that the car was white. This interested me further because I happened to have sold a white WRX wagon a few years back. The tarp was tied into place with rope, and I didn’t want to disturb it, so I called a child over to get low and peek under the tarp to tell me what color the side view mirror was. You see, my WRX was panda-painted. White with black roof, pillars, mirrors, and scoop.
    The mirror was black.
    I then noticed a paint chip on the bottom of the door. Beneath the white was a flaming copper color. My WRX was originally a white car, but had been painted this copper color during its brief life as an ESX show car.
    This was, without a doubt, the car I had sold to a kid in Gladstone nearly 4 years ago.
    I asked the owner the nail-in-the-coffin question: Did it have alcantara-covered seats and door panels with “ESX” stitched into them? Indeed, it did. He’d bought it off of the kid that I’d sold it to as a non-runner and that subie boxer on the bench was its heart, in the middle of a rebuild. He was going to repaint it (again, hopefully after stripping it as it was getting rather thick), install the rebuilt mill, and sell it on.
    He asked me if I wanted to buy it when he was done. I said no, but I did offer him a second set of hands in putting it back together if he needed them.
    Anyone else ever had an old car of theirs come back around like that?

    1. ptschett Avatar

      My grandfather had a brand new ’70 GTO hardtop which was rather distinctive (pale yellow with a black vinyl top), that he didn’t have for very long before he sold it to his inlaws who live out of state. My great-aunt drove the car for several years, then it was sold out of the family.
      In 2000 my dad and I were on a parts run in our hometown and saw this yellow & black GTO at a quick oil change shop. We stopped and my dad asked if he could look at the car, and found documents in the glovebox that proved it used to be our car.

    2. econobiker Avatar

      In 1987, my best friend had a ’75 Camaro w the I-6 that had been re-painted in a distinctive yellow with black stripes years before he got it. He pulled the 6 replaced with a 305 from a Nova, other parts from a Monte Carlo, new American Racing wheels, sound system, interior parts, added the trunk mounted tail fairing in black plastic. He was working on getting it ready for a paint job like repairing various exterior body rust spots by sanding and grey primering the spots with rattle can dots but it was mostly still yellow. It was broken into and stripped (wheels stolen, radio/speakers ripped from inside) in the public parking lot where he had parked it for the weekend casino trip. The insurance company paid him for it (probably only for value of the 6cyl version) and he sent it on. I would later see it in the same unpainted condition still with the grey primer dots and same black plastic trunk fairing around 2002 in our home town and mentioned it to him. He was amazed that it still existed.

  9. theskitter Avatar

    You have a funny way of spelling Go Anywhere, Have The Most Awesome Vehicle Everywhere.