Last Call- Mirror Mirror Edition

It’s called a passing mirror, and was apparently necessitated by this particular car’s width. More on this car tomorrow, but until then, can anybody identify the yellow beauty to which this artfully sculpted mirror is attached?

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  1. PreetR34 Avatar

    1947 Crosley Deluxe Convertible

    1. DeadinSideInc Avatar

      Am impressed.
      Here is a picture of a '49 which doesn't seem to have the sliding glass of the '47.

    2. CptSevere Avatar

      Good eye, there. Now, about the passing mirror, just what could one of these pass? A horse and cart?

    3. CeRuLeaNBLu Avatar

      You could have tried to at least embellish on my comment on the photo post 30 mins earlier but I guess copy and paste works! Gotta learn to click the article rather then the photo… Well played.

      1. PreetR34 Avatar

        sorry mate
        didnt even see your comment, just remembered reading up on the car a few years back, and a quick google confirmed it

  2. coupeZ600 Avatar

    At first I thought it was for a RHD car living and driving in a LHD world, because I've seen some owner-operated RHD mail-trucks with rather crude, home-made models of this, and when the City had several garbage trucks burn-up in the garage, the LHD 90 gallon barrel side-loaders were replaced with RHD models that pissed the drivers off to no end, so they copied the mail-truck idea but much more professionally looking (welded vise-grips rather than sticks wrapped with electrical/duct tape). What Crosley's, mail or garbage truck's are doing passing anything is something I quite agree with you, good Cpt., but what I'm wondering is why a LHD micro-car would need one? At least here in the U.S. the roads are so wide you can pass in a little-bitty car and never really get left-of-center. Plus you've got to start the pass about a minute beforehand starting from about a quarter-mile back just so you can get enough momentum to actually get around the horse and cart.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      Are we sure this is in a LHD world? Does anyone outside the US use the same blue/white wheelchair handicap markings?

    2. oldmanpants Avatar

      these mirrors would be useful not just for passing, but also for pulling out into traffic from a parallel parking spot, or other situations where you cannot see around the car in front of you because you're sitting on the right hand side of the car