Last Call- Malta Van is Both Creepy and Awesome Edition

This Bedford bus, snapped in the ’80s alongside a Buggiba, Malta street, looks like the unholy union of Plymouth Fury and Greyhound Interstate. And that makes it awesome. . . and kind of scary.
Image source: [Berresfordsmotors via]

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  1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Christine gained a few pounds after the film. She was quoted saying that her crash diet for the movie was a bit of a problem.

  2. Johann Avatar

    First of all Malta buses are not crap like some of you said before ….
    Second, the older Malta buses are ALL custom made and hand built locally, and use a lot of parts from different cars that were available in those times. No bus is like another, with styles varying from Caddilacs, Impalas and other classic cars, to Duple Viceroys coaches. That's why they are probably the most photographed buses in the world and carry lost of history in them.
    Third, this van is based on a Bedford MW chassis, of course with locally built bodywork.
    The front windscreen in most cases is just perspex.
    And Last, the place is not Bugibba but Birzebbugia, and both are very nice places to visit.
    Maybe you should search them on the web and come spend your next holiday here 😉