Last Call- Loud and Proud Edition

Spotted on a 1967 Porsche 911 parked by the curb in Monterey California.

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  1. bzr Avatar

    That alone is way cooler than every single Harley-Davidson ever produced.

    1. Paul Y. Avatar
      Paul Y.

      I mostly want to ram noisy bikers off the road.
      On the other hand, a 911 with open headers would warm my heart.

  2. jeremy![™] Avatar

    someone must know where a fella can get a hold of that sticker. for future safekeeping

    1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      Any car show that has a vynal sticker vender will probably carry them, in letter form like the vender I saw. They can also cut one up for you for pretty cheap. if all else fails, draw one up, send to one of the many companies, and roll

  3. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    I lust after having an 'R Gruppe' worthy Porsche
    From:… [to which I once had a subscription and it was a damn good magazine, thanks mom!]
    |There are as many types of Porsche owners as there are Porsche cars. But they can be herded into some pretty broad categories. There's the concourse group, the track junkie group, the canyon bomber group, the valet at the martini bar group. And the R Gruppe.
    R Gruppe was founded to celebrate cars built for what Porsche referred to as 'The Sports Purpose.' In the 1960s. Porsche realized that a large portion of its customers wanted to race, rally or hill-climb their vehicles, so the company released a document to help them out. It detailed factory race parts and easy modifications that could be done (and undone) to any car Porsche built. Ray Crawford is a member of the R Gruppe and has a perfect example of a 911 built for a sporting purpose|

  4. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    If loud pipes save lives, the Brink's armored car I got stuck next to on my morning commute must be freakin' Sir Alexander Fleming.

  5. superbadd75 Avatar

    I love loud pipes just as much as any red blooded hoon, but they do piss me off in certain instances.
    One such instance is when I'm trying to enjoy my sunroof on a lovely afternoon, listening to some tunes, and a jackass on a Harley pulls up and starts revving his engine for no reason while we're waiting for the light to turn green.
    The other is the little bastard Ricer Boi in his mostly stock automatic Civic with a loud ass, buzzy, fart cannon exhaust. It's one thing to have a loud exhaust on your street car that will turn in 10 sec. quarter mile times on the weekends, but when your shitty little compact car with a slushbox can barely keep up with my 2+ ton SUV from a stoplight, putting a noisy muffler on it is really just embarrassing. Seriously guys, if you want to fix up your econobox, be smart about it. Don't draw attention to your ride unless it's worthy.

  6. SSurfer321 Avatar

    I'm all for loud pipes saving lives. But I do feel it unnecessary to rev the motor at 2am while cruising away from the local "bike night" gathering.