Last Call- Let's Get Small Edition

You might think that the Smart Car is about as small as things can go. That is, until you compare it to a car that never had to comply with any of the safety, emissions or comfort standards mandated of manufacturers today. When you do, such as with this fetching Toyota 800 Sports, you can see that while it’s probably not all that smart, it probably is a whole lot safer.
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  1. Thrashy Avatar

    I love kei cars!
    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src="; width="500">
    It makes me sad that my 6'2" ass would probably never be able to fit in one of the good ones.

    1. oldcarjunkie Avatar

      That yellow AZ is around town here. I helped him push it out of a bit of snow over the winter so it gets driven!

      1. Thrashy Avatar

        "Here, you get this end of the car, I'll get that one, and we'll carry it back to the street. Lift on three!"

  2. brazilreporter Avatar

    Big, Small, Smaller, Tiny
    LM002, Toyota Sport 800, Fiat 500, Isetta
    <img src="; width="550">

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Big, Small, Smaller, Tiny. That's just counting the tow vehicles.
      <img src="; width="450">

  3. tonyola Avatar

    For ten years my sole car was a 1984 Honda CRX 1.5 that I bought new. While not quite as small as the Toyota 800 at three inches longer but marginally lighter than the Smart, it was about as tiny as production US-market cars got in the 1980s. I absolutely loved it. Kart-like handling, surprisingly roomy for two, great economy, decent luggage space, and non-stop fun even on dull errands. I never felt seriously threatened by its size relative to other traffic.

    1. Thrashy Avatar

      "I never felt seriously threatened by its size relative to other traffic."
      Wish I could say the same in my car. Traffic's gotten a lot bigger since 1994, and I'm close enough to scarysteering redneck truck land that I spend more time looking up at bumpers than I'd like to be.
      Just gotta keep your head on a swivel, and drive like they're out for blood… because they are, even if they don't know they are.

      1. B72 Avatar

        It's not any change in the size of the cars that makes me nervous about today's traffic. It's the fact that between cup holders, cell phones and texting, people pay less attention than ever before.
        Or maybe I just got older and settled down. Funny how that changes things.

      2. B72 Avatar

        it's not the relative size of the cars I find unnerving about today's driving. It's the fact that between cup holders, cell phones, texting, GPS etc, no one seems to be paying attention anymore.
        Damn kids. get off my road!

    2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      I had a Ford Festiva that I actually quite liked. Remarkably roomy inside.

  4. Jennings R. Scroggs, Jr. Avatar
    Jennings R. Scroggs, Jr.

    [youtube aB6K1lw3t-M youtube]

  5. Jim-Bob Avatar

    While it may be small in comparison to today's small cars that is because today's cars are too damn big. You really don't need all that size just to get around in. I would actually love to have a car that small to drive on a daily basis as my Geo Metro just isn't as maneuverable as I would like ( It can't turn around in the width of a residential street without backing up). I think my next car will be an old school Mini or Fiat 500. After all, once you start driving small cars it gets addictive and makes you yearn for something even smaller!
    As far as safety goes, it's all relative. While I know that an accident with an F150 in such a small would kill me instantly, I also view it as being safer than a moped or a motorcycle. Plus, I get a roof over my head in a rain storm and see fuel economy numbers equal to or better than those of co-workers who ride motorcycles, so there is an advantage to a tiny car over something on 2 wheels.

  6. OA5599 Avatar

    [youtube tzfTZhEESzA youtube]

  7. facelvega Avatar

    On the one hand, yes obviously the smart is a lot safer in a crash. On the other, I bet the occurrence of crashes in the remaining Toyota 800 sports is nil. There's a reason classic car insurance is so cheap: nobody ever crashes them.

  8. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Driving my unloaded FC van around, it often occurred to me that I didn't really need anything aft of the engine and seat backs. Maybe I was dreaming of a Segway car and didn't know it. So six foot of length would have been ample. The high, upright seating position nearly eliminated the need for legroom; which was good, because my knees were the crumple zone.
    Though I have a friend who was a Mini nut, and an aunt who used to drive an Isetta (North Florida in the fifties), the Honda 600 remains my favorite diminutive.