Last Call: Kermie Edition

I feel for ya’ Kermit, I don’t think she’s funny either.
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
Image: Imgrum

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14 responses to “Last Call: Kermie Edition”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    This Craiglister has separate ads for a Spokeshave and a Rabbet Pane, but includes (for scale?) a Hotwheels in both. Any idea what it is? My best guess is Ford Anglia Panel Wagon but that’s surely wrong.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Can’t fault Batshitbox for not recognising a car that didn’t exist!

          1. outback_ute Avatar

            Ok, I’ve learned my official New Thing for the day… Only sold for a couple of years with 500 or so built, estimated 20 remain. No wonder I’ve never heard of them. They were built in Germany too and sold throughout Europe, again presumably in small quantities.

          2. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
            dead_elvis, inc.

            I figured you might appreciate the Aus connection. I hadn’t realized they were built in such small numbers, since I’ve seen a couple in the US over the years (not for ages, when I was in the depths of my ACVW phase).
            I’d rather have a Fridolin than a Type 3 panel, but I imagine I’ll have to settle for a scale model instead of the real thing.

          3. outback_ute Avatar

            It is not unusual for there to be low volume cars that didn’t really take off. I expect the main obstacle is the larger Holden panel van was quite a bit cheaper (10-20%).
            I’m not sure if the van may have been dropped before they ceased local production (1968) and reverted back to CKD assembly, but it definitely dropped off the price charts in 1968.

          4. JayP Avatar

            I’ve never seen a 147 in real life… and I’ve seen Hebmullers.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Random VISIT: 1956 Opel 1.75T, with “Flintstones”-approved parking brake:
    Good to see it’s being used, too.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      I wonder if any parts (like the doors) would fit on a contemporary Chevy or GMC?

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Cool, the early GM ways were pretty strange. Very similar looking, yet not exactly the same vehicles are quite common.

        1. dukeisduke Avatar

          I’d like to see the right side, to see if it has the same vent for the heater:

  3. Jofes2 Avatar

    They should let him control the playlist.