Last Call- It's Winter, So These Must Be The Nationals Edition

This weekend, Pomona Raceway hosts the 2010 NHRA Winternationals. In honor of that event, here’s CSX2248 – one of five dragonsnakes built for drag racing – and the winner of the 1964 AHRA Winternationals in Daytona.

There’s a 4-page article on this car in the February 2010 issue of Muscle Car Review, in case you need to spend some “quality time” in the bathroom this weekend.

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9 responses to “Last Call- It's Winter, So These Must Be The Nationals Edition”

  1. Beatnikid Avatar

    <img src=""&gt; Im sure the feeling of badass this image conveys is the same as driving this Shelby Cobra.

  2. smokyburnout Avatar

    Public Service Announcement: ESPN2's Winternationals coverage doesn't start until 11 PM EST tonight. What to do until then? You could watch the Danica 300 at Danica International Speedway in Danica Beach, Floridanica…
    …or, you could watch the Armor All Bathurst 12 Hours, live on the internet starting at 6:30 AM (Sydney time, or 2:30 PM EST)!
    Featuring Eric Bana, some V8 Supercars drivers, 3 utes, a Holden Clubsport wagon, a GT500 Mustang, and a bunch of AWD Japanese cars!

    1. Tripl3fast Avatar

      Thank you for the PSA. I am watching the future! It is Sunday at Bathurst right now.

    2. Ruthless if u let me Avatar

      Thanks so much! The livestream is working good.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    Looking at the picture of this Cobra is the financial equivalent of seeing a picture of like, three million dollars worth of gold bullion. I like the car more. I'm guessing that the car will never be fired up and driven in anger again, and that's a shame. Lovely little reptile.

  4. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    Aren't most replicobras in 427 style? That's the way I like them, isn't everything better with flares?
    <img src=>
    PS reply:
    I don't know what you typed, but it looks like this now:
    Proof: {a href=";l=742d75f67c&amp;id=25903199&quot; target="_blank"}{/a}{a href="" rel="nofollow"}
    I don't know what the other junk is, but it should work if you just put something between " target="_blank} and {/a}
    like this, although that link doesn't seem to go anywhere.
    technical PS theme continued: how do I stay logged in? I keep having to relogon every time I open a page.

  5. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    update or good facebook link?

  6. Watch Shrek Avatar

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