Last Call- It's Not That Kind of Bed Edition

Ted liked his car pool, but he also liked sleeping in. Carol’s new truck looked like the obvious solution.
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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    Ted liked to sleep in. Carol, with her brand new Tacoma*, had no objections.
    *ten internet points to the first person who clarifies it is not a Tacoma.

  2. JayP Avatar

    I expect no less from Texas.

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    Robert, do you have a larger version of the photo? I can tell it's Highway 6, that runs through College Station, home of Texas A&M (insert your favorite Aggie joke here), but I can't read that Farm-to-Market Road sign, to figure out exactly where the picture was taken. And yes, that's a first-generation Tacoma.

    1. Patrick Avatar

      I think it's probably Briarcrest (1179) and Hwy six in College Station.

  4. skitter Avatar

    Off topic: Spectacular piece from the Saucy Minx on TTAC today.

    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      Agreed. I caught it via Facebook yesterday, and enjoyed reading it very much.

    1. B72 Avatar

      Is that a single wheel trailer?

      1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

        Yeah, I've got two. (there's a joke in there somewhere)
        This one converts from a flatbed to a stake-bed, then into a tiny camper. The other one is customized in a VW roof-rack style.
        <img src="; width=500" />
        <img src="; width="500" />

        1. B72 Avatar

          Pretty sweet! Can you trailer with the conestoga roof in place? I'm picturing it flapping like Chicken Little at anything approaching highway speeds.

          1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

            I did trailer it with the roof on. Worked great until….
            …got a flat, repaired the flat. Got another flat and shredded the tire in BFE. Ended up in the back of a rescue pickup doing 75, which shredded the cover and destroyed the bows. (Note residual slight rearward lean of front wall in first photo)
            55-65 seems to be the upper limit on the flap-test.
            I will be towing the Calistoga behind the ZomBee over Donner Summit to the Reno Lemons race in 2-3 days. Should be a hoot.

  5. Alff Avatar

    If I knew Ted, I'd take one look at that and declare, "Must be a queen size."

  6. dmilligan Avatar

    Seeing that photo reminds me of the stupid shit I did when I was that age. It's a wonder that I'm still alive.

  7. GTXEliminator Avatar

    What's up with this lack of posts?

  8. Brett MacPherson Avatar
    Brett MacPherson

    One time we were getting a bed from my now-exgirlfirends house to take to my buddy's house. We put it on the roof of his Envoy, strapped it down and proceeded on our way. It was only a couple minutes to the drop zone so we didn't spend as much time as we should have ensuring it was firmly attached. About halfway to our destination, with the tunes a-pumpin' my buddy yells "How we doin' up there?" so I reach my arm out the window to feel for the mattress and just feel it graze off my fingertips as it goes airborne. A loud curse tips everyone off to whats just happened. and I turn around just in time to see the mattress narrowly miss the car behind us. But hey, no harm, no foul. A little roadrash on the mattress and we were on our way. I'm glad I wasn't laying on top of it at the time.