Last Call- If Rich Kids Still Played With Tonka Trucks Edition

Just imagine the sand box.
Image source: Zsolti/NYM via Flickr]

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  1. bzr Avatar

    The sandbox is in Dubai. Those must be some really rich kids, coming into the first day of school with brand-new Air Jordans and Starter jackets…

    1. dr zero Avatar

      I'm guessing that the sand box is in Australia. That's from the Commodore wagon, and the fact that everyone's driving on the correct (left) side of the road. And don't forget our love of digging stuff out of the ground and shipping it to China so we can buy it back!

    2. Morto Avatar

      I agree with Dr Zero. Definately Australia. If it was Dubai the "Over Size" signs would be written to Arabic, not English. plus the registration plate on the Volvo and the phone number on the mudflap on the trailer in the left foreground both point to Western Australia, as well as the Commodore Wagon.

  2. RetroRCR Avatar

    My father in law drove these trucks until he retired. For him it was like playing in a sand box all day and getting paid for it. Like the Chevy Volt they are powered by electric motors at the wheels and an engined powered generator supplying the power. Even with 240 tons in the back he said he could spin the wheels with the torque it produced! Problem is, doing so would make a hole big enough to drop a half ton in:)

    1. Møbius Avatar

      That sounds awesome, what a job.
      Also, that sounds a lot like the Hammerhead Eagle iThrust/Geoff in its powertrain, except implemented well.

  3. dmilligan Avatar

    Hey mom! Buy me one of those!

  4. BGW Avatar

    No matter where it is, I'll get stuck behind it roughly 90 minutes into a 8+ hour road trip. Guaranteed.

  5. coupeZ600 Avatar

    While making a delivery at the Peabody Coal Mine up top [sic] of Black Mesa, AZ, (where the drag-lines and haul-trucks like this dwarfed my eighteen-wheeler like I was on a bicycle), I had backed up to the dock and couldn't find anybody. One of the guys I knew there whistled at me from the far corner of the building, and gestured emphatically for me come over, and quickly. I pointed to the truck thinking maybe for some reason he wanted to unload me over there. He shook his head and again beckoned me over, and to hurry. When I finally got to the corner, there was a crowd that consisted of every single person that worked in that gigantic warehouse watching a haul-truck like this race forward until it reached top speed whence the driver would jam it into reverse and do a nose wheelie backwards until it came down and reached top speed when he would then throw it into forward and do a wheelie until it came down and then throw it into reverse again,…you get the picture.
    While we were all smiling and clapping at each successful wheelie, I asked my buddy over the deafening roar what was up.
    "He just got fired", and using that peculiar way that Navajos point with their mouth (It's bad ju-ju to point with your finger) I saw the Foreman, who was the only one not laughing.
    No shit he's fired.
    The front diff failed first so then he could only do forward wheelies. Right as the Tribal Police arrived the rear drive-line snapped and beat the whole undercarriage to all hell.
    The crowd cheered as he emerged victorious and peacefully accepted the Officer's free taxi ride to jail.

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  7. preetR34 Avatar

    western australia coal mining trucks those are
    ive seen a few hooning at the local coal pits up near newcastle too
    us aussies have all the fun

  8. facelvega Avatar

    here is the sandbox:

  9. coupeZ600 Avatar

    Truck-Drivers are an amazingly conservative lot, which is why you can go to the Peterbilt dealer and by a 2010 Model 389 (which only replaced the 379 because buyers wanted the longer hood) with single off-the fenders headlamps that make it look old, while being new.
    This Volvo and other aerodynamically improved Ant-Eater/sloped nose versions from every other manufacturer were quite divisive when they were introduced, not only because of the look, but Drivers claimed they were unsafe because the nose would lift any wildlife you should happen to strike up into the cab, rather than just bend the radiator back and send them underneath (Note: That guy in PHX that hit the Bikers was in a Cab-Over). Many of the early ones came with Bull-Bars (Or Roo-Bars) like this one, but because the hood tipped forward, they were such pains in the ass to deal with they were almost always removed.
    That bar up on the windshield is brilliant, however. While that would never fly with the USDOT, because the rules state, "Nothing shall impede the view of the driver", just allowing that bar might have put us thirty years into the future. Well, maybe ten years…..

    1. dr zero Avatar

      I think that the grill across the windscreen is more to prevent stones from chipping the windscreen.

      1. coupeZ600 Avatar

        Naw, that's for critters…….. Stones are so completely random, they hit high or low, no telling. A critter though (and I mean elk or deer here but 'roo's too) tend to roll up the Hood and come through the windshield. As a company driver this would be great.

  10. RetroRCR Avatar

    I just recalled a time when I worked for a blasting company. We were called to a coal mine to remove a concrete pad that proved to be to hard for the jackhammers. Once we were able to break it apart, I removed the pieces with a wheel barrel. The spot that I dumped the material was along side of the area where the trucks backed up to dump their load. Needless to say, my wheel barrel seemed a little insignificant as I stood five feet from its wheels! Just a funny memory I though I'd share:)

  11. dwegmull Avatar

    Is that "oversize" sign really necessary? If you can't see that thing coming, you should not be driving…

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      regs are regs…

  12. tristan Avatar

    the two blue cylinders up behind the cab are the fire extinguishers, last thing you want when you are using the 2000hp 24/7 in a 7m$ rig is a little fire. its hard to tell but this may be a 789, it looks too small to be a 797.

  13. Buickboy92 Avatar

    Amazing! Imagine trying to drive this without hitting anything. Talk about a stressful day.

  14. Møbius Avatar

    Is this a new Bond film directed by Michael Bay or what?

  15. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    somewhere someone with a Jeep is saying "with a little trimming I could get that to fit.."
    I swear it's not me.

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