Last Call- How's Your Commute? Edition

We’ve seen jet-powered cars, and rocket-powered jetpacks, however neither of those was very good at multi-tasking. But now, for only $86,000 and a permanent butt-pucker, you can sail over traffic jams in a V4 piston-powered turbofan jetpack. The Martin Jetpack has a 280-lb load capacity (sorry tubbos) and a 31-mile range at an FAA-regulated 63 mph. And while its 8000-ft ceiling would technically allow you entry into the mile-high club, it looks like it takes both hands to operate it.
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19 responses to “Last Call- How's Your Commute? Edition”

  1. Thrashy Avatar

    The pedant in me wants to point out that a V4-powered propeller engine isn't a turbofan, as there's no gas turbine involved. The 6-year-old in me, however, is just screaming "WANT!" over and over at the top of his lungs.

  2. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    excellent. i wonder if my insurance company covers men falling from the sky with turbofan backpacks on its collision claims?

    1. skitter Avatar

      Skitter totally fell out of the sky and crushed my damn Hyandai with his jetpack. No way did he beat it to oblivion with a sledge, this was a single impact.

  3. straighteight Avatar

    If it is possible to have sex while strapped into a jetpack, I'm pretty sure America's innovation hub – the porn industry – will find a way to film it and put it on the Internet.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I sure hope so. I'd pay a dollar for that.

    2. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      "…Cum fly away with me…"

  4. Greg Newman Avatar

    another crazy invention coming to you from the home of the hoon – new zealand

  5. blueplate Avatar

    Wow. A million things just hit my mind at once. FAA-regulated.. do I need a pilot's license? Or can I just tie on some steel-toed combat boots and take a flight?
    How do I feel about my steel-toed combat boots being my first line of defense during a crash episode? What if they surrounded the pilot/dude with a giant shock-absorbing ball of some kind? Is the pilot (pictured) practicing on a rig of some kind? Wouldn't that be the best carnival ride ever invented?
    Does the unit have a kickstand so I can park it somewhere? Can I "land" on my office building's roof? Will maintenance give me a key for roof access?

    1. Thrashy Avatar

      IIRC, it qualifies as an ultralight aircraft, so no pilot's license is required, but you can't fly it in populated areas. The company makes you go through a training program when you buy it. It has a built-in emergency chute in case thing go pear-shaped. The stand is integral; it's what you're seeing as a safety rig.
      Here's the website: <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    2. CptSevere Avatar

      Just don't make contact with your steel-toed boots with a high tension line while flying around in this nightmarish eggbeater contraption and you'll do just fine. Don't make contact with anything while driving it. Actually, don't make contact with this thing at all. Let your buddies do it, and take pictures. File this under "Let's Don't, and Said We Did."

      1. coupeZ600 Avatar

        "Let's don't, but god-damned if he sure did…… You see that sh*t!?"

  6. Feds_II Avatar

    31 miles should be enough to get me over the border. Just need to find someone to package up 80 lbs of coke and leave it next to a fast fueling rig, and this thing will pay for itself.

  7. muthalovin Avatar

    Regular, or Premium fuel? I am having a delightful time picturing someone landing at a gas station, walking up to the pump and filling up. Standing, while the gas goes, tapping a foot, looking around…. DING. Walk out to the sidewalk and take off… Damn, that shit is soooo 2010!

  8. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    We've been asking "where are the flying cars we've been promised since the 1950s…?" Now, we've still got no flying cars, but we DO have flying pedestrians…

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      Soon to be falling pedestrians. It could literally be raining men.

  9. dragon951 Avatar

    The website says it's "the first practical jetpack." Exactly what part of this thing is practical?

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  11. Dominic Mcclay Avatar

    That is certainly some inspirational stuff. Never understood that viewpoints might be this diverse.

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