Last Call- How I Miss-Spent My Youth

If your recollections extend far enough back to include the Nixon administration and odd-even gas days, then you’ll likely remember Unk and them Varmints. If you’re younger than that, you may still have an old tee-shirt with an iron-on from CARToons. Either way, from 1959, until 1991, it was a good way for a car nut – not old enough to drive – to get his fix.
Check out George Trosley’s site for all the covers and other cool stuff.

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  1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    OEM died when the clamped on tanks began to leak.
    Rad 2 died when the clamped on tanks began to leak.
    Rad 3 may have died because there is a leak in the core somewhere… still investigating it.
    Either way I'm not a fan of a radiator with clamped on tanks.

  2. fred Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! I had an issue from 1990 that I must have read cover-to-cover until it fell apart while at summer camp when I was 11. I wanted nothing more at the time to be getting my hands dirty with an engine of some sort, than wandering around the woods with religious nuts. Now its the same old story, too many projects, too little time. 😉