Last Call – Hey Guys, What's Going On Here? Edition

The REAL self-preservation society.

Tour of Corsica, 1960. The ensuing conversation must have gone like so:
“Oh hey Ted, fancy seeing you here.”
“Nigel, old chap! Didn’t expect you here either!”
“Yeah, this racing business is hard. How’s the wife and kids?”
“Beth’s doing lovely, as are the boys. Oh, look, here comes Frank. Watch out!”
“Hey Nigel, hey Ted. Pub?”
“Yeah, let’s go get blagged. Screw this stupid rally.”
[Image source: The Passionate Pursuit of Awesome (and before that, Flickr somewhere. Probably scrogg’s photostream.)]

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8 responses to “Last Call – Hey Guys, What's Going On Here? Edition”

  1. krislou80 Avatar

    I guest they switch back and fort. they didn't notice the small street and slippery road.

  2. coupeZ600 Avatar

    My eldest boy likes bowling, so every Saturday morning we go hit the lanes. We play a game where every pin he knocks down earns him a penny, a spare is worth 50 cents, and a strike gets him a dollar. The caveat is for any gutter ball, he owes me a quarter. Every once in a while his friends from down the street want to go throw as well, but they don't have as much practice so we pull up the "bumpers", long rails along the gutter that keep the bowling ball in play. The money rules are off when the bumpers are up, but it's amazing how many times even my boy will hit them.
    Two days ago in a rain-storm, I watched the car in front of me carom (career, caboom?) into both sides of the guard rail next to a huge canyon where certain death awaited. I made my oldest put on his rain jacket and run up-hill with a reflective warning triangle while I ran to see if the other driver was O.K.
    The other driver was livid, claiming it was all the state's fault for having this unsafe road open. I laughed and then told the returning Renny that we were done now, go get the triangle that I just had him put up and get back in the car.
    "But wait, I'll need your contact information for the insurance company"
    "You don't want me talking to your insurance company at all', I shouted through the driving rain.
    Bumpers, Guardrails…… They're all just crutches.

  3. scroggzilla Avatar

    1) That photo is not in my photo stream (old crashed rally cars makes my heart all hurty and sad)
    2) The possessive of Scroggs is Scroggs'.

  4. BGW Avatar

    Hey Jake, I gotta pull over.

  5. fede Avatar

    handbrake fail(s)

  6. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    See what happens if you park on the wrong side of the lane on street-sweeping day…?

  7. joshuman Avatar

    Does anyone else have that song running through their head now?

  8. jjd241 Avatar

    Failed BP attempt to plug an oil leak (rally car kill?)