Last Call- Eighty Eight Edition


It’s all fun and games until someone goes back in time and then suddenly the speed limits are all 35 MPH.

Image source: Imgur

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10 responses to “Last Call- Eighty Eight Edition”

  1. racer139 Avatar

    Always wanted to do the scoreboard thing. As it turns out they set these thing up usually in school zones and the cops always hide and get ya for the "speed fines double in school zones" and the illusion that the sign means their isnt a cop in sight. Stupid rcmp dont come ……end rant now before it turns into a page long hate letter.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      I used to keep track of me 'personal best' on a downhill, off camber, left hander in a national park with very little traffic enforcement in it. Being under trees there's frequently greasy wet leaves and just general oil. Add to that a 4,000 pound full sized GMC pickup and you have something far more tail-happy than a 911 on nitrous. Not a whole lot of power, just very little traction back there. I don't think I ever broke 40 mph. Uphill, on the other hand, cambered the right way and dried out over the day 45 was not unusual. My job moved before anything precipitous happened.

  2. Stredrotor Avatar

    Is that two stripes of fire I can see on the road! They must have been moving!

  3. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

    A Delorean can go that fast?

  4. LTDScott Avatar

    The ones in San Diego are wise to us hoons. Anything over 10 MPH and the sign just flashes and doesn't show the speed.

  5. craymor Avatar

    You used to be able to get them to loop around, 102 would read 02 mph…

    1. P161911 Avatar

      I believe some models just flash 99 mph.

    2. njhoon Avatar

      I do know the ones in Nevada will do triple digits. 105 was my best on that one.

  6. HTWHLS Avatar

    Why do they always put them at the bottom of steep hills? Are they really expecting to downshift/ride the brake for a half mile? I'm saving momentum for the uphill grade, ya jerks!

  7. jjd241 Avatar

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