Last Call: Dreaming of the day I get to witness a drift chain first hand

Japan is by far at the top place I want to visit before I die. A large part of the reason why is because of the culture, food, and architecture but a larger part, of course, is the car scene. I don’t really expect to see this kind of stuff every night but if I got to see a drift train randomly in the street it would totally make the trip for me. I’m sure it’s probably in pretty rural areas but still, I would be freaking out. It boggles my mind that they sometimes get like 10 cars on a train on the main streets.

I know there are some people that do this kind of stuff in the States but it’s way rarer. Either way, eventually I’ll make my way to Japan and hey maybe I’ll get the invite to be in the train. I can dream, can’t I?

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7 responses to “Last Call: Dreaming of the day I get to witness a drift chain first hand”

  1. 0A5599 Avatar

    I was wondering how they ever let the white car on Japanese roads in that condition, then I realized it probably due for shaken in a few days and so the owner decided to give it a proper send-off rather than taking on the expense of getting it to pass.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      ..or being in the whole drift thing anyway, much like other outlaw motoring subcultures in Japan such as Boso bike gangs or Kanjo racers, they’re just thumbing their nose at the law regardlesss because the car probably wouldn’t pass it’s shaken (vehicle inspection) anyway. You may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, and it does seem the Japanese police have, at least til recent times, had a mild tolerance for this sort of thing provided people kept in certain unspoken rules of sensibleness.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Suddenly, Norway’s only 2nd gen Equus is for sale. It sits on diplomatic plates and the classified is a loveless piece not celebrating and appreciating its rarity at all. It’s also the five litre engine, which is insane considering how expensive this must have been to register – unless that load of taxes arrives once you look to swap for commoner’s plates. Priced way out of my league, so @nanoop, your turn! ?

    edit: 3 days later, a price reduction of 90000 NOK. That reduction alone is 1.5 times what we paid for our same model year Nissan Leaf last year.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      About the same price, length and width like our Vivaro… I appreciate it, but I doubt these people would accept it as a mobile base camp like they do with the Vivaro. I’ll aspire to one in the coming years though!

  3. nanoop Avatar

    They are planning to open a Polestar sales floor within the Volvo/Jaguar/Land Rover dealership in my city, a so called “Polestar Space”. Ridiculous enough you say? Well, they are looking for a guy to run it, position title is “Space Manager” (think of branch manager, not Roger Wilco).

    Man, I took the wrong choices when planning my education – as a physicist, how are the chances that you’d have anything to do with space, opposed to car salesman…

  4. crank_case Avatar

    I’m not saying anything I’ve seen in Ireland on public roads quite matches that (nor be adviseable really), but Ireland has long had a history of a love of all things sideways and of Japanese cars, so I have seen quite a few sideways antics on the roads here. Not me of course….officer..

    It would have been at its peak in the tiger era when there was a glut of Japanese Import dealers bringing in grey imports with no age restriction provided you paid the registration fees and these would have usually been situated in non-descript industrial units with very few prying eyes, so it wouldn’t have been unusual to have seen an AE86 being casually drifted around an industrial areas, even relatively recently I’ve seen gatherings of lads do this on empty link roads late at night. Illegal, but the chances of actual harm are slim, but that doesn’t stop the moral panic and usually they get moved on after a few nights.

    I’m not condoning it, but it’s definetely something you see less of and the worlds a little duller as a result.

  5. JDMVZ Avatar

    If you love JDM cars then you have to love japan I myself wanna visit japan to just gain knowledge on how to build a well performing drift car. Shout to all my JDM guys on this forum we da goats