Last Call- Don't Pass on the Right Edition

In late-night Phnom Pen, angry motorcycle dog is angry.
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  1. coupeZ600 Avatar

    I just got this job as a fuel-tanker driver, and because I was still a "trainee", even though I've driven for nearly thirty-years w/o an accident or ticket, I have to follow the "Trainer" in my own truck. We come up to the base of a well-known hill, and he hollers at me on the radio, "Set the cruise-control at 66, and just stay in the left-lane, that's the speed-limit so F**k 'em."
    "Um, Errr.. I've been up this hill before, can I just climb it the way I know?"
    "Whatever,… See you at the top."
    Before I passed him on the right, about fifty cars also did so.
    We had Identical trucks/loads (his had slightly bigger hp engine), and when he pulled in where I was waiting he was pissed. We went down to Phoenix and picked up our loads, and then headed up the hill. I rode his ass and many times could have passed him, but thought better of it.
    The next morning I was fired.

  2. jjd241 Avatar

    Food dog is scared!

  3. Dina Titus Avatar

    You really outdid yourself with this post. I’m impressed

  4. scientologist Avatar

    I stumbled this website a few weeks ago and I really cannot get enough! Please keep writing!