Last Call – Burning Berlin Edition

In 2009 supposed left-wing ecco-terrorists started torching cars in Germany’s capital, resulting in mornings full of acrid smoke and public transportation filled with unfamiliar and confused looking faces. Automotive photographer Michael Danner decided to snap the arson results and has since opened an exhibit of the work. The above is a sample. Now, that’s a Twingo on the right, and Porsche in the middle, but can you figure out what the wreck on the left is? I think it’s one of these.
Image source: [Spiegelonline]

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  1. Black Steelies Avatar

    Damn, knew I should've bought that nomex car cover from Skymall.

  2. facelvega Avatar

    I lived in Berlin for five years, and I have a hard time believing that "left wing eco-terrorists" would do something so high school. Left wing activists as a group are the most visible residents all the desirable central neighborhoods of Berlin except maybe Mitte itself, they aren't going to make a statement by burning each other's cars. The pictures are in a bunch of different neighborhoods, but a good half of them are recently gentrified working class areas full of angry Turkish kids. Slightly different pictures and it would have been angry East German kids. Every new year, the same kids blow off steam by setting everything at hand on fire and shooting bottle rockets at people walking down the street. Also, very few people in Berlin drive to work and most people working in the government take the subway anyway, so I doubt this would have the kind of impact there that it would in an American city.
    In other words, I can't figure out what the car is yet.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      It makes sense, what you said. If you cared about the environment, why would you put the torch to a whole bunch of hydrocarbons and let them boil up into the atmosphere? Also, the car's owner is just going to replace it anyway, using more resources. On the other hand, making a statement has nothing to do with logic.

      1. Alff Avatar

        Free the carbon molecules!

    2. lilwillie Avatar

      I can easily see it being "left wing eco-terrorists" since groups like Early Liberation Front are far left wing. Just a quick search brings up enough stories about the burning cars to explain why the far lefty idiots decided burning cars would make a statement.
      No different then far right nutbags blowing up abortion clinics or killing doctors in the sense that their extreme hatred of the "other side" makes them do things that makes them hypocrites.
      and ya, I can't figure out the car either.

      1. humblejanitor Avatar

        You mean EARTH Liberation Front.
        I think that burning cars is illogical as well and I'm one of those "lefty nuts" you speak of.

        1. lilwillie Avatar

          typo, sorry.
          No, it isn't illogical when someone on the far left or right does what they do. Again, FAR left wing. If Earth Liberation Front really gave a damn they wouldn't burn houses down or burn up cars, decimate dealer lots. Their excuse? Oh, we need to send a message to those that don't understand so the means justify the attacks. In their mind everyone else is wrong because everyone else doesn't believe in what they believe.
          As I said, same as the FAR right wing. Complain abortion is wrong, killing a baby but then they have members that fire bomb a church or kill a doctor. means to a end is how they see it.
          Why is it so hard to see the hypocrisy of the fringe groups?

          1. facelvega Avatar

            Well, I doubt that it would be the eco-terrorists, since they have bigger fish to fry and usually come up with flashier and more clever ideas. If it was the scruffy, squat-dwelling, anarchist branch of the Berlin hipster establishment who started this before the teenagers started copycatting, then this is a gentrification issue, not an ecology one.
            It's always amused me that the last visible politically organized squat on now-swanky Kastanienallee has for a decade had furious anti-yuppie banners all over the building telling neighborhood newcomers to bugger off. Of course, they themselves were among the first culture class invaders to arrive and start displacing former residents, and they became part of the magnet that brought all the richer but not as cool yuppies to the neighborhood. If it is those kids who set the cars on fire, then it's a bunch of college-educated, spoiled kids working in coffee shops and living off money from the government and their parents, just like the people they curse at except they haven't broken down and got jobs yet.

  3. Alff Avatar

    Last call QOTD. Take a gander at my farm girl wife's latest acquistion…
    <img src=""&gt;
    Do you think I should mount these on the hood of my pickup?

    1. Lotte Avatar

      If it's a Ram, yes.
      If it's a Volkswagen Caddy, YES!! DO IT NOW!!

      1. Alff Avatar

        Ha! It is a Ram but with your suggestion I wish it were a Caddy.

  4. Lotte Avatar

    I keep seeing a Peugeot 405, but the mirrors don't match up and there seems to be two kinds of front bumper, the more correct one having black plastic on the bottom so…I dunno.
    I was looking at truck tonneau covers the other day, almost coming here to Last Call asking "How do people with hard tonneau covers load something tall?" I was thinking what if both ends lifted up making something like a fiberglass roof, then thinking maybe I should patent that idea since I can't find something like it on Google, then thinking that alarge, flat, suspended piece of fiberglass in airflow might blow away in any speed higher than 50.
    Then I found this:
    <img src="; width="400">
    It opens from the center, and the two open panels are load-bearing once the crossbeams are installed; kinda looks like how a roof is built. I never knew there was this much interest for truck bed coverings!

    1. Alff Avatar

      What an awesome idea, especially since trucks have gotten bigger but their beds have gotten shorter. I would find this quite useful for the occaisional long items.

    2. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

      I have a Pace Edwards Roll Top cover on my bed. It's a hard cover that rolls up and stores out of the way like a soft cover.

    3. ptschett Avatar

      Wow, that thing's clever… but I'll stick with my soft tonneau (an Agri-Cover "Access") on my pickup. I can see how a hard tonneau is an attraction if you park outside all the time or are worried about things in the box mysteriously vanishing on you, but I think it's hard to beat the versatility of a roll up cover that can be taken off completely in a few minutes' time with a pair of 9/16" wrenches.

      1. Thrashy Avatar

        In my experience, a typical hard cover mostly serves to ensure that you don't actually have a pickup truck, just a car with a very small cab, an impossibly long trunk, and terrible road manners. The one pictured above looks like a good compromise, though. I can't imagine how much more useful the family's Ranger (with hard tonneau) would be if you could actually haul stuff in it!

    4. SSurfer321 Avatar

      every winter I damn myself for not buying any type of bed cover.
      every summer I praise myself for not buying any type of bed cover.

  5. Alff Avatar

    (In my best Sean Connery voice) "It's an Opel Ashtra."

    1. facelvega Avatar

      I thought that at first too, but the hood is wrong.

    2. Brett MacPherson Avatar
      Brett MacPherson

      Correction. It's now an Opel Ashtray.

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    Something Japanese, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla. Or maybe French, Peugeot 306. Yes, this is it, it's 306:
    <img src="–1994-1997-.jpg"&gt;

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      Seconded. Any styling cues that are still left match.

    2. Vavon Avatar

      Yep! Definitely a Peugeot 306.

  7. ruckus racing Avatar
    ruckus racing

    i know for a fact that it is not one of these (insert subaru image here), i own one, and that isnt even close to what the underside of the hood looks like

  8. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    What part of "Die, Yuppie scum!" didn't you understand?

  9. Manic_King Avatar

    Was the Porsche red? If yes then maybe yellow star would have saved it, like it seemingly saved Twingo next to it.