Last Call: Bonham Behind the Wheel Edition

Despite the one song mashing up an appreciation for cars and women, Trampled Under Foot, Led Zeppelin was never what you might call a “Car Band.” That’s part of what makes this vintage shot of John Bonham, the band’s legendary drummer, behind the wheel of a T-truck hot rod so incongruous. It’s still wicked cool however.
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34 responses to “Last Call: Bonham Behind the Wheel Edition”

  1. JayP Avatar

    I’ll show this pic to my son. Explain that Bonham was the drummer for the most awesome band that ever created a musical note.
    He’ll parry with- Why is there a Chevy in that Tbucket?

  2. CraigSu Avatar

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Happy April Fools’ Day from Tasmania!
    If only it were true…

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    I like the weirdness of a T-bucket with a British registration plate.
    So, we sent you the blues and you sent us back rock-n-roll. We send you Kookie Kar and what? You just slap a different plate on it and Bob’s your uncle?
    Also, Bonzo made that look work, whereas Jack White just looks like a, um… anemic, derivative low-fi copy?

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      Nah, all the ‘murican electrickery was replaced with Lucas components. That’s why it’s a parked shot.
      I’ve never been a huge Jack White fan, but his involvement with this colossal garbage knocks my respect for him waaaay down:

      1. Maymar Avatar

        Not shocked at the rich being out of touch, and hadn’t heard the $20/month fee, but I’m still intrigued to see how that ultimately plays out. I know there’s been a fair amount of bitching and moaning about the petty royalties current streaming services pay out, so if this does a better job of paying and promoting smaller artists, that’s awesome. If it’s just something to make everyone at that press conference (and only them) wealthier, it could die and take the entire Internet with it.

        1. dead_elvis Avatar

          Between the players involved at this event & the pricing, I have exactly zero expectation that smaller, lesser known artists will benefit from this in any way.
          I’m a fan of buying as much music as possible at small venues, where a member of the band is often manning the merch table. The majority of streaming services are good for getting names out in front of a wide audience, but not for paying an artist’s bills.
          I wish there was a clear cut “best” option for everyone on both sides of the discussion.

  4. Marto Avatar

    Will it baby? Apparently yes…

    1. Marto Avatar

      By which I mean: Look in the passenger seat…

  5. Alff Avatar

    He’s probably wondering where that confounded bridge is.

  6. Alff Avatar

    Watching episode 15 of The Blacklist. Anyone else seen it? Car guys care to comment on the huge continuity gaps?

  7. JayP Avatar

    OT Mystery Car: Found at the Dallas Auto Show this weekend.
    An Easter Egg I’ve not seen online yet.

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      I have no idea what it is, but I like. A lot.

      1. JayP Avatar

        I’ll give it until tomorrow.
        A cute nod to the mothership.

        1. Lokki Avatar

          Please tell me that’s from the 4C

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      This seems familiar… wasn’t there a car that had something like this but also repeated in the center console? The Italian part was a joke because it’s not an Italian car? Is tomorrow April Fool’s Day? Is that duct tape? Oh! It’s inside the gas cap? right? My beer is empty.

    3. 0A5599 Avatar

      Disqus thinks my prior comment with the Car and Driver link is spam, but it was identified as Jeep Renegade.

        1. JayP Avatar

          Yep. We spent about 5 minutes walking the car to discover more eggs. A few O||||O around but that was about it.

    4. Vavon Avatar

      That must be the Jeep Renegade.
      EDIT: Oops, didn’t scroll down far enough!

    5. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      Mazda 6 of some sort?

  8. 0A5599 Avatar

    I wouldn’t call Bonzo + hot rod “incongruous”. He was a hoon.

  9. Vavon Avatar

    How about this cool Fiat with its 28 liter 4 cylinder engine? That sound!!!

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      The thought of that exuberant, braggadocian, daring and whimsical automobile in the hands of those toffee nosed twits and their fucking proper English manor just gives me the fits.

      1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

        I quite agree, old bean.

      2. Tanshanomi Avatar

        I say anybody who has the moxie and skill to rebuild it, and the guts to drive it, deserves my respect.

        1. Batshitbox Avatar

          I appreciate their contribution to history, but they seem so at-odds with the spirit of the car (and this video doesn’t help, showing it as just an eccentric’s plaything.) In my head, this restoration would have been done by a Calabrese butcher, whose family had kept the car in a barn throughout two wars and restored it at great personal expense, only to donate it to a Fiat museum. Or it would have been dismantled and melted down, in the manner of Count Agusta.

      3. Monkey10is Avatar

        Toffee nosed? Perhaps.
        Twit? No.
        Whether you like his accent, house and nose or not that man is Lord March of Goodwood who has worked hard over the last twenty years to make the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival into events on the bucket list of many petrolheads.
        He has the pulling power to bring some of the world’s best cars and some of the world’s best drivers together twice a year and then throws it open to the public each time.
        (I expect the run up the hillclimb course in the Fiat is a preview of one of the forthcoming attractions for this summer’s Festival: If I can work it around my work deadlines I will be one of the many Whatever concerns I have about the British aristocracy they will be forgotten that day in clouds of petrol fumes and — appears — oil smoke.)

  10. Sjalabais Avatar

    Anybody else here watching “The Americans” on Netflix? It is set in the early 80s and full of period cars. I don’t know if it’s a gimmick, but light bulbs seem to be gone on most of them…

  11. Tanshanomi Avatar

    “…mashing up an appreciation for cars and women…”
    And Guitars?

  12. Krautwursten Avatar

    Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? It’s taking a 2002 Pontiac Trans Am, covering it in gold leaf and tens of thousands of rhinestones inside and out, and asking almost four -million- dollars for it.ürnberg/207644171.html?lang=en

  13. Shane Cashin Avatar
    Shane Cashin

    You can see more of Bonham in his cars and even drag racing by watching The Song Remains the Same