Last Call: Automotive Eclecticism Makes Me Smile

Driveway Team Roll Call! Caravan! …Cavernous Interior: GO! Prelude! …16 Valves: MAYBE! Stealth! …Twin Turbos: NOT BLOODY LIKELY! Yugo! …Still Reasonably Functional: YES! I drive past this house on my evening commute each day, and the interesting mix of cars in this guy’s driveway always lifts my spirits. None of them are all that remarkable (although a Yugo that’s still driven regularly is a bit unusual). Together, however, they’re sort of a Fantastic Four, each with its own unique strength, yet still somehow rather disfunctional. Along with the four-car garage, this selection of rides screams car guy! I once took a closer look and discovered a yellowed issue of Hot Rod on the Yugo’s package shelf, which was in itself a weirdly wild juxtaposition. This guy and I would get along fine.

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