Last Call: Aston Martin’s hot-vee engine is, well… hot, really hot

When I first heard about this and saw the pictures of Aston Martins’s newest creation I definitely got excited. The red hot turbocharged V6 will find it’s home inside the Valhalla (love that name) and is likely to be paired with an electric motor(s) of some sort. They call this the hot-vee and that’s about as straight forward as you can get.

The horsepower and torque numbers haven’t been revealed yet but we all know it’s going to put down some serious power. It’s great to see Aston going for an in house option again; it isn’t easy, but when done correctly, it’s amazing. Plus, this thing looks and sounds like a beast. In my opinion, Aston’s really been cranking out some amazing cars in the past 10 years or so and this is likely to be no different. Are you excited to see the Valhalla in action?

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