Last Call- ALVIN! Edition

Rodent track.
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  1. SSurfer321 Avatar

    They'd blend in with the beige better if they didn't have that racing stripe.

  2. FЯeeMan Avatar

    looks like they have a little hutch built right in there.

  3. tempesjo Avatar

    They're installed by the dealer as part of Toyota's recall program.
    Unintended Acceleration: Use zip tie to secure driver's floor mat to seat frame.
    Engine problems: Introduce a family of sludge-eating chipmunks into the engine bay.

  4. Rockford_Brodie Avatar

    Wouldn't these little guys be more at home in a Seville?

  5. facelvega Avatar

    For the first time in years, there's a little life under the hood of a toyota.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    Throw a cat at this machine, and the zero to sixty times would increase tenfold.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      Seriously. This Camry is actually midway through its engine replacement procedure.

  7. Tomsk Avatar

    Was this picture taken in the parking lot of Chippendale's?
    (Why yes, I do. Blame. Charles.)

  8. Alff Avatar

    Suddenly, the reason for the Camry's squirrely handling is abundantly clear.

  9. vwminispeedster Avatar

    Well that particular Camry is a hybrid.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Exactly, it's clearly saved the rare Midwestern Walnut chipmunk, and they're trying to show their appreciation.

  10. muthalovin Avatar

    "NUTS!" – Camry Owner

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      Those chipmunks were just hybridernating.

  11. P161911 Avatar

    Rodents under the hood of a car are no fun. I learned the hard way to keep the dog food in a steel trash can. Back when I had my 96 Z-28 sometimes it would make a horrible racket the first time I would go full throttle. A little less racket the second time, then normal. It was wintertime, I was working late, and never really investigated. Until one morning the car wouldn't start at all, turn the key and nothing. The battery wasn't dead. Realized there was dog food all over the engine. Rats had chewed through the wires! I had to have it towed to a garage to be fixed. This happened twice before I got the steel trash can for the dog food on the garage.

    1. McQueen Avatar

      I just bought a 2005 F350 fully loaded power everything off of an insurance company for dirt cheap because of rodent damage . All I did was replace some of the wiring harness ( It never chewed on the leather seats just wiring ) and remove the nest with the help of Charley my cat and now I'm driving a sub 100,000 mile truck for $10,000 ( I even had a buddy of mine repaint it for that price )

      1. P161911 Avatar

        I could have filed an insurance claim?!? That would have saved me about $700 in repair bills.

  12. McQueen Avatar

    I've always been told Econo boxes were powered by Hamsters or Gerbils , is the power to weight ratio of a Chipmunk that much better ?

  13. nofrillls Avatar

    Thank GOD for air filters!!!

  14. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    I see he ordered the 'Woodland Scent' option package.