Lamborghini Terzo Millennio – Marrying New Technology with New Design

There are Matchbox cars and there are Hot Wheels cars. You probably had both but had a preference for one over the other. Matchbox always represented the production vehicles. Hot Wheels were the fantasy cars that you’d never see on the streets. Parallels can be made to left and right functions of the brain; artsy versus scientific, visionary versus realist, and all that.
The thing about Lamborghini is that Lamborghinis could be either Hot Wheels or Matchbox. They all look crazy and dramatic but they can be seen on the roads. When Lamborghini introduces a new concept car there is no doubt that it won’t look like anything else but it will magically be Lamborghini-like. To keep things equal, there is always a new technology lurking with each new Lamborghini. The whole vehicle therefore appeals to both the scientific and artistic sides of one’s brain. 
The vehicle pictured here is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. It is a concept, making it obvious that it will remain strictly a Hot Wheels car. But the technology it foretells is unlike anything we have seen thus far, appealing to, if not overwhelming, the analytical side of your brain. While we will never see Terzo Millennio production car, chances are that the first electric Lamborghini will use its technology.

All photos are courtesy of Joshua Sweeney. Checkout and follow him on Instagram.

For better or worse, the automotive world is going electric. Batteries are the energy storage units. The problem with batteries is that they are big, and bulky, and heavy, usually cube-shaped. Telling a Lamborghini designer to fit one into their vehicle is like telling Lady Gaga to wear a sweat suit.
This is why Lamborghini teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The people at MIT know a thing or two about materials, chemistry, and electronics. The goal here is to design new materials that answer energy storage challenges for the demands of an electric sport vehicle. Basically, they’re looking to add lightness, which may come at the expense of simplicity.

Did you ever hear a Lamborghini Aventador start up? It sounds different and that’s because it is different. It uses the energy from a low-voltage, 8-volt, capacitor to crank over the big V12, and not the typical battery. The second contributor to the dramatic start up is the engine cranks several times to remove any unburned gasoline, thus reducing emissions.
Lamborghini has been successfully using those capacitors for a while now. The idea behind the Terzo Millennio is to develop a technology that uses carbon-fiber body materials that will also act as an accumulator for energy storage. Basically, the complete body of the car is to be used as an electrical energy storage system.

Let that sink into your left side lobes – the chassis of the vehicle stores the energy that is needed to propel it.

The advantage of capacitors over batteries is that a capacitor is able to discharge and charge much faster than a battery. Lamborghini would combine that with batteries which supply baseline power, as on a typical electric vehicle. The capacitor power would be used sort of like a supercharger, quickly dumping additional energy to the motors, and then quickly recovering it. Lamborghini says that this will yield the power required to retain the Lamborghini driving characteristics. That power will be sent four motors, each mounted near each wheel.

The technical aspect of having the electric motors near the wheels has another positive effect – freedom for designers and aerodynamicists. This is the case of technology allowing greater freedom of dramatic expression that only Lamborghini designers can provide. That is a win for each side of your brain.
An introduction of any new design will draw cheers and jeers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Joshua Sweeney’s amazing photography can speak volumes for the Terzo Millennio. Keep in mind that this is a concept, a Hot Wheels car by definition, designed to show future technical potential that will used in a Matchbox car.

Big thanks to Joshua Sweeney for his photography. Please check out and follow him on Instagram. All images copyright Joshua Sweeney/Hooniverse 2017.


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8 responses to “Lamborghini Terzo Millennio – Marrying New Technology with New Design”

  1. robbydegraff Avatar

    WOW, this is a wonderful write-up

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      Share, like, and retweet, yo!

  2. Noah Lee Avatar
    Noah Lee

    What’s the story with the light up wheels? Functional?

    1. Troggy Avatar

      Probably not. On a Lamborghini, if it’s not aerodynamic, it’s styling. They look to be suggestive of the windings on electric motors. I also can’t help thinking that they look like plastic hubcaps that could be smacked off on the first encounter with a gutter.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        It also looks like the wheel rims don’t cover the full circumference of the tyre!
        For what is supposedly a revolutionary vehicle with designers freed via having electric motors at each wheel, it sure looks like it still has a traditional engine compartment! In fact the cabin looks like it is pushed forward more than normal. I would have been re-configuring the layout of the car to take advantage of the packaging.
        It is interesting to pick some old styling cues, eg the side windows behind the doors look similar to the Diablo.

  3. TobyShine Avatar

    Great pics!

  4. Dan Mosqueda Avatar
    Dan Mosqueda

    Fantastic summary. I too would like to know more about the wheels.

  5. milton6432165 Avatar

    So nice car and i know most of the viewers are also have more attraction about this new car. Every one are have more weakness about this new car.