Lahti Classic Motorshow 2014 – The Outsiders

cms_selected_25 The 2014 Classic Motorshow took part in Lahti, Finland a week ago. Since the outside car park for 30-year-old and older enthusiast cars is always a place to do some excellent sightings, I wandered around the parking lot with camera at hand. Certainly, there were a number of cars I had never seen in the metal ever. The Jaguar in the lead image was only one of the cars that stopped me in my tracks. cms_selected_2 X1/9:s were definitely numerous at the show’s parking lot, some with federal bumpers, some without. cms_selected_3 Several ZAZ:s? But of course. Russian plates were a natural thing to see on them. cms_selected_4 A classic flat-front 900 Aero in tidy condition. I expect it had been restored at least once. cms_selected_5 First Lotus Esprit I’ve seen, I think. The windshield was as flat as it could be. cms_selected_6 Oh Austin, how dumpy you are. cms_selected_7 Matador, Scaramanga style. cms_selected_9 I have no idea which powerplant this GT40 replica had, but the dashboard was a BMW one. cms_selected_10 cms_selected_16 Rally Escorts came in several shapes. cms_selected_11 Good old Rekord. cms_selected_12 cms_selected_13 But a Princess, of all things! cms_selected_15 cms_selected_14 And a Mini-based Midas, too. cms_selected_18 This Pontiac 6000LE merited a shot, definitely. cms_selected_24 As did this duo. I had never seen a Ro80 before. cms_selected_21 cms_selected_20 Two kinds of saloons, rounded and blocky. Would you take the Panhard or the Crown? cms_selected_22 I love the SD1, and this was a Vitesse even. cms_selected_23 cms_selected_26 Excellent Citroën weirdness. cms_selected_27 And as a parting shot, the BMW 635 CSi. [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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